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     Welcome to Crystal Ridge - Our HOA is active in keeping our neighborhood a great place to live.  You're invited to attend our Board meetings to be involved in the management and growth of your neighborhood.   Join the CRHOA email distribution List (DL) to receive neighborhood news by sending an email to Your privacy is always protected - see "CRHOA Email DL". 
   Puyallup Highlands - Also visit the HOA web page for our neighbors to the north.
    Shaw Road Project Open House  - Mar 29, 4 to 7 pm (posted 03/06/18)
    Shaw Road Partial Long-Term Closure, 23rd to Manorwood - Apr to Dec 2018 (posted 03/02/2018)
    Attention Homeowners - Playground on Amber (posted 02/22/2018)
The Board is in the process of replacing the existing play structure on Amber Blvd with a new structure and fresh landscaping.  The existing structure is being replaced for safety concerns and updating of material and features.  We are offering the existing structure for free to anyone willing to remove it at your expense and sign a liability waiver for both removal and future use.  Please contact the Board at if you or someone you know is interested.
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Upcoming Events
  3/29/18, 4 to 7 pm - Shaw Road Project Open House
  4/03/18, 7 to 9 pm - Board Meeting
  April to Dec 2018 - Shaw Road Closure  
   (tbd) - Annual Work Party
   (tbd) - Annual Yard Sale
   8/07/18 - Annual NNO

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Van Lierop Park Master Planning

Board of Directors ACC
Architectural Control Committee
(Term Expires)     
 President     Mark Crawford - (Feb 2021)
 VP     Fred Herber - (Feb 2021)
NL Editor
    Peggy Kloes - (Feb 2021)
 Treasurer     Ron Perry - (Feb 2020)

    Tim Evans - (Feb 2021)

 Member     Erik Pederson - (Feb 2021
 Member     Emory Gearhart - (Feb 2020)
 Member     Chong Lam - (Feb 2021)
 Member     Patti Lundell - (Feb 2021)
Web-Email Mgr     Mark Noll - (Indef) 
Chair     Jennie Slack
Member     Tim Evans
Member     Fred Herber
Member     Ron Perry
Member     Preston Smith 
Member     Victoria Simmons 
Member     Eric Simmons 
Member     Ann Crawford 
Vista Property Management
   Jenny Ross  -  Community Association Manager    
       Address:     Crystal Ridge HOA, PO Box 73144, Puyallup, WA 98373
       Phone:  253-881-3064          253-881-3042 (fax)
       Web:  Vista  
  CRHOA Dues:  Due by January 1st   -   Late fees applied after Jan 31st.
     Contact Jenny for any questions or concerns about our HOA (i.e. CCRs, dues, payments, landscaping, mod requests, violations, etc)
2018 Board Meetings & Events
Location When Updates
 Puyallup Public Library
324 South Meridian,
Puyallup, WA
 Scheduled for 1st Tues,
7-9 pm, each month
unless otherwise noted
 Check back for
changes & updates
2018 Completed
      Past Agendas, Minutes & Newsletters
Feb 6, 2018
Tues, 7 pm
Board Mtg Agenda Board Room Feb 6, 2018
Mar 6, 2018
Tues, 7 pm
Board Mtg Agenda (tba) Board Room Minutes - n/a
Mtg Canceled
2018 Scheduled
Mar 29, 2018
Thu, 4 to 7 pm
(posted 3/06/2018)
Shaw Road Project Open House
     Starting in April, Shaw Road will be closed for construction from 23rd Avenue SE to Manorwood Drive for six to eight months. Come hear more about this project and recommended detours around the construction. 
Apr 3, 2018
Tues, 7 pm
Board Mtg Agenda (tba) Board Room Minutes (tba)
Apr to Dec 2018
(posted 3/02/2018)
 Shaw Road Partial Long-Term Closure, 23rd to Manorwood
     Update on the pending Shaw Road improvement project which will entail closing the road from 23rd to Manorwood for six to eight months, starting in April (specific date not yet determined). The project webpage ( includes a recommended detour map for your convenience. Interested persons can sign up to receive street construction notices via email or text here:
May 1, 2018
Tues, 7 pm
Board Mtg Agenda (tba) Board Room Minutes (tba)
Jun 5, 2018
Tues, 7 pm
Board Mtg Agenda (tba) Board Room Minutes (tba)
Jul 10, 2018
Tues, 7 pm
Board Mtg Agenda (tba) Board Room Minutes (tba)


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