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Updated: 11/03/19 11:37:37 AM

     Welcome to Crystal Ridge - Our HOA is active in keeping our neighborhood a great place to live.  You're invited to attend our Board meetings to be involved in the management and growth of your neighborhood.   
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Social Media Policy - Review the Board's policy on use of social media.
Puyallup Highlands - Visit the HOA web page for our neighbors to the north.
  Homeowner's Common Questions (posted 9/10/19)
  Homeowner's Helpful Hints (posted 9/10/19)
Upcoming Events & Notices

    2019 - For more info, see 2019 Minutes & Scheduled meetings below.

   Nov 6, 2019, Wed, 7 to 9 pm - Next CRHOA Board Meeting - Agenda  (Revised 11/03/19)

    Dec 4, 2019, Wed, 7 to 9 pm - CRHOA Board Meeting - Agenda (tba)



   Jan 22, 2020, Wed, 7 to 9 pm (tentative - tbd) - CRHOA Annual Neighborhood Meeting - Agenda (tba)


NOTICE: HOA common area notice (Posted:  July 2, 2019)

   Now that summer is finally here and we are all thinking about outdoor activities, just a reminder that the HOA does not endorse any business promotions/gatherings using the common areas of the community.  The common areas, including the children’s play lot on Amber, are available for HOA events and homeowners only and not for hosting business events.   


NOTICE: Crystal Ridge Entrance Monument (Posted:  August 20, 2019)
   Please see the attached letter (Crystal Ridge Entrance Monument) to homeowners summarizing pending changes to the entrance monument at Crystal Ridge Drive and Shaw Rd, letter to the Board from Davis Wright Tremaine and a schematic drawing of the intersection. These changes result from the recent widening of Shaw Rd and resulting safety and lane opening issues as well as pending changes to the intersection.

    The Board will discuss this and vote on certain items related to these issues at the September 4th Board meeting.


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     [ See: Members, Meeting Schedules, Agendas, Minutes (web & video). Also watch Council Meetings on Channel 22 (Xfinity, at 8 am on Thursdays. ]
      Council Members
      Council District Map
      Mayor - John Palmer
      Deputy Mayor - Tom Swanson
      D3 Rep (CR & PH) - Julie Door
   - Proposed Neighborhood Rezone
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Van Lierop Park Master Planning

Board of Directors ACC
Architectural Control Committee
Board of Directors Code of Conduct
 President     Mark Crawford - (Feb 2021)
 VP     Fred Herber - (Feb 2021)
 Secretary     Peggy Kloes - (Feb 2021)
    [ Newsletter Editor ]
 Treasurer     Emory Gearhart - (Feb 2020)

    Tim Evans - (Feb 2021)

 Member     Chong Lam - (Feb 2021)
 Member     Patti Lundell - (Feb 2021)
   (Term Expires)
CCR's Mod Request Form
Chair     Jennie Slack
Member     Tim Evans
Member     Fred Herber
Member     Preston Smith 
Member     Victoria Simmons 
Member     Eric Simmons 
Member     Ann Crawford 
Web & Email Manager
Mark Noll
Vista Property Management
   Jenny Ross  -  Community Association Manager    
       Address:     Crystal Ridge HOA, PO Box 73144, Puyallup, WA 98373
       Phone:  253-881-3064          253-881-3042 (fax)
       Web:  Vista  
  CRHOA Dues:  Due by January 1st   -   Late fees applied after Jan 31st.
     Contact Jenny for any questions or concerns about our HOA (i.e. CCRs, dues, payments, landscaping, mod requests, violations, etc)
2019 Board Meetings & Events
Location When Updates
 Puyallup Public Library
324 South Meridian,
Puyallup, WA
(unless otherwise noted)
 Scheduled on 1st Wed,
7-9 pm, each month
(unless otherwise noted)
Check back here for
changes & updates
      Note:  3/12/2019 - Change in Frequency of CRHOA Board Meetings - The Board voted to meet in regular sessions quarterly on the first Wednesday of March, June, September, and December with an annual meeting of all homeowners in January. 
2019 Completed
 Summary of Board actions - 2015 to 2018
  2019 (Jan 23 to Mar 27)
 Dec 2018 Newsletter  
Past Agendas, Minutes, Events & Newsletters
Sept 4, 2019
Wed, 7 pm
Board Mtg Agenda
(See notice for "Crystal Ridge Entrance Monument" at top of this page)
Puyallup Library
North Room
Sept 4, 2019
2019 Scheduled
Nov 6, 2019
Wed, 7 pm
Board Mtg Agenda
(Rev 11/03/19)
Puyallup Library
North Room
Minutes (tba)
Dec 4, 2019
Wed, 7 pm
Board Mtg Agenda (tba) Puyallup Library
North Room
Minutes (tba)
2020 Scheduled
Jan 22, 2020
Wed, 7-9 pm
HOA Annual Neighborhood Meeting
Puyallup Public Library, North Room
Agenda (tba)


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