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       Welcome to Crystal Ridge - We encourage you to be involved in our community.  Board meetings are open to all.  We have volunteer opportunites where you can help with the management, maintenance  and growth of our neighborhood.  
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   Board Meeting   June 8, 2022, Wed, 6:30 to 7:30 pm  - Meeting Notice - Agenda  - Minutes
   Board Meeting   Sept 8, 2022, Wed, 6:00 pm  - Minutes
   Annual Meeting   January 25, 2023, 7 pm - Zoom Meeting
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    Web site   01/25/2022 - New Board member elected
    Board Minutes   12/01/2021 - Wed, 7-9 pm (Virtual) - Minutes  (tba) 
    Annual Mtg Minutes   01/25/2022 - Tue, 6-7 pm (Virtual) - Minutes  (tba) 
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