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Tree Welcome to Crystal Ridge
Our HOA is active in keeping our neighborhood a great place to live.  You're invited to attend our Board meetings to be involved in the management and growth of your neighborhood.   Join the CRHOA email distribution List (DL) to receive neighborhood news by sending an email to Your privacy is always protected - see "CRHOA Email DL". 
(Rev: 01/05/18)
CR Board Meetings
1/23/2018 - Annual Neighborhood Meeting (see below  "2017-2018 Board Meetings & Events")
Dec 2017 Newsletter (12/01/2017)

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News & Info

 for details

Rev:  01/16/18

Shaw Road Natural Gas Improvement - Starting 1/15/18 for 6 weeks - Expect delays

Social Media - Policy & contacting the Board

Puyallup Highlands - PH web site (check for Board, meetings, events & more)

CR Volunteer Opportunities -  Ways you can volunteer in CR
Locking mailboxes
Board of Directors
         Officers elected 6/6/17
 President     Mark Crawford
VP     Fred Herber
Secretary &
    Peggy Kloes
Treasurer     Ron Perry

    Tim Evans

Member     Erik Pederson 
Member     Emory Gearhart 
Chair     Jennie Slack
Member     Tim Evans
Member     Fred Herber
Member     Ron Perry
Member     Preston Smith 
Member     Victoria Simmons 
Member     Eric Simmons 
Member     Ann Crawford 
Your opportunity to volunteer
by joining a committee
Web & Email Manager
Mark Noll
Email Distribution Lists
  2017 Budget (tba)
HOA Documents VISTA Property Manager


Mod Requests

Rules & Regulations
R&R (Rev B)

Effective 1/1/18 -12/31/18
    Jenny Ross
        Community Association Manager

 Address: Crystal Ridge HOA, PO Box 73144,
                  Puyallup, WA 98373
 Phone:  253-881-3064
               253-881-3042 (fax)
 Web:  VISTA     "Why a PM was hired."
 CRHOA Dues:  Due by January 1st
         Late fees applied after Jan 31st.

   Contact Jenny for any questions or concerns about our HOA (i.e. CCRs, dues, payments, landscaping, mod requests, violations, etc)
2017-2018 Board Meetings & Events
Location When Updates
 Puyallup Public Library
324 South Meridian,
Puyallup, WA
 Normally 1st Tues,
7-9 pm each month
unless otherwise noted
 Check back for
changes & updates
Newsletters    Dec 2017 NL Past Minutes
Nov 7, 2017
Tues, 7 pm
Board Mtg Agenda Board Room Nov 7, 2017
Dec 5, 2017
Tues, 7 pm
Board Mtg Agenda Board Room Minutes (tba)
Check back here for late schedule changes
Jan 23, 2018
Tues, 7 pm
Annual HOA Meeting
Agenda (tba)
Library North  Room Minutes (tba)
Feb 6, 2018
Tues, 7 pm
Board Mtg Agenda (tba) Board Room Minutes (tba)
Mar 6, 2018
Tues, 7 pm
Board Mtg Agenda (tba) Board Room Minutes (tba)
Apr 3, 2018
Tues, 7 pm
Board Mtg Agenda (tba) Board Room Minutes (tba)

    The Board and committee members are volunteers who
help manage our HOA. If you are interested in volunteering or have any questions, please contact the Board at

     Board of Directors Board members usually commit to serve a 3 year term. The Board meets regularly to manage the property manager, manage and oversee committees, sets the annual budget, approves expenses and develops community vision for future maintenance and improvements. T

      Architectural Control Committee (ACC) - Reviews Modification Requests submitted by residents for proposed exterior changes to homes (eg. landscaping, room additions, painting, siding repair, roofs, vehicle storage and etc.) to determine compliance with the CC&Rs and harmony with nearby homes and environment.

       Rules & Regulations Committee (R&R) - Committee reviews and resolves violation and fine appeals.

       Neighborhood Watch & National Night Out Committee (NNO) - Organizes our community in Block Watch Teams and runs the annual NNO event each year in August.  NNO helps to educate residents about crime prevention to protect you, your family and your neighborhood.

       Monument Design Committee - The Shaw Road construction is tentatively scheduled from March-October 2017. As a result of construction, the current monument will be razed and the committee will develop a new design proposal for installation.

News & Info
Puyallup Highlands
CRHOA of Puyallup, WA
Police, Council, Schools
    Landscape & Trees  (5/16/16)
    Play Lot 
    Puyallup Highlands  (07/19/16)
General Information   (Updated - 8/02/2017)

Puyallup Police Department Crime Prevention Coordinator
    - Lisa Isaacs has retired
    - Kerri Ann Cockrell (effective 8/28/17) will fill this position.
     Contact info, phone 253-841-5531 for questions setting up your Block Watch program.  More info at Neighborhood Watch  
 CR Volunteer Opportunities -  Please learn more about ways you can volunteer to help our neighborhood and be involved to protect yourself, your family and your neighbors.
  Aug 1 (Tue, 6 to 8:30 pm) - CR & PH National Night Out (NNO) 
   - Joint event with Crystal Ridge & Puyallup Highlands HOAs was successful.  Approximately 106 residents from CR & PH attended.


Address Change Notice   (Updated - 5/09/2017)
Our mailing address has been changed to Crystal Ridge HOA, PO Box 73144, Puyallup, WA 98373
Social Media   (Updated - 4/1/2017)
    Policy: Our Facebook site (CRHOA of Puyallup, WA) is for members to receive neighborhood news, have civil discussions and share information. Members who use this group media to harass or denigrate other members may run the risk of being removed from this group. Commercial advertising is not allowed on our FB page.

    Contacting the Board:  The Board does not conduct business via Facebook, NextDoor, Twitter or any other social media apps. Postings on FB are used to pass information to the community such as meetings, neighborhood events, city notices, alerts and other neighborhood related items. Contact the Board at to address HOA business, suggestions, comments, questions or complaints. You can also attend a Board meeting to address any issues you may have.
Shaw Road Improvement Project - Rescheduled to 2018   (Updated - 6/13/17)

   - Shaw Road partial closure rescheduled to 2018
    City Notice:
    June 6th City Council agenda, Item 5.a):

     Summary:   This project will add a turn lane between 23rd Avenue SE and Manorwood Drive. This section of Shaw Road experiences more than 16,000 vehicle trips per day, and the addition of a center left-turn lane will ease traffic congestion and improve travel times, particularly during the morning and evening commute hours. The project will also add a sidewalk on the west side and a mixed-use trail on the east side.

    Rescheduling this project until next year will avoid a potential wintertime work shutdown and lessen the impact of the closure on residents. It will also allow the City to seek bids in a less competitive bidding environment, which could help to avoid higher project costs. The delay will further accommodate the completion of necessary utility work in the right-of-way ahead of actual project construction.

    The City remains committed to accomplishing this project and securing its benefits for all who use Shaw Road. We look forward to getting started, and to delivering a quality project for our citizens.

     Note: At the Puyallup City Council meeting on June 6th, the discussion also included updating some of the sewer lines in this area. City engineers felt the sewer still had about 5 years of service life left. So it made sense to upgrade the sewer at the same time as the Shaw Road improvement project to avoid tearing up the road again in just 5 years. Delay will allow time to complete bidding of the project, avoid a winter shutdown and allow time to add the sewer line replacement.


  - Shaw Road Summer 2017 Road Closure-2300 block of Shaw
  - Shaw Road: 23rd to Manorwood Drive Project

  - May 2, 2017,   - Agenda  - Video (20 min)
  - Shaw Road project communication plan (click Item 6.a)  - Powerpoint:  Plan
  - Closures & Construction - Sign up through "Notify Me" to be notified of any street closures or constructions projects that may cause interruptions within the City of Puyallup. (Note: After clicking "Notify Me", scroll down to News Flash, then Closures & Construction)
Warehouses   (Upated - 5/6/17)
   - 07/21/16 - Proposed Warehouses - Development of a 187-acre site for
Locking Mailboxes   (Upated - 5/18/17)

    - 2/2/16 - See Locking Mailboxes installation procedures & Special Notices


Neighborhood Watch
       CR Crime Watch
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