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Welcome to Crystal Ridge

     Our HOA is active in keeping our neighborhood a great place to live.  You're invited to attend our Board meetings to be involved in the management and growth of your neighborhood. 

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Upcoming Meetings & Events


2020 - For more info, see Scheduled Meetings & Events
    Mar 4, 2020, 7 to 9 pm - Canceled Board Meeting - Agenda (n/a)
    Apr 1, 2020, 7 & 7:45 pm - Consecutive Virtual Board Meetings

            -  Agenda 

            -  Plan for attending this meeting - If want to attend this virtaul meeting, please read and follow this plan for approval and to be invited to attend.


Notices & Announcements


    (01)  Use of HOA common areas notice (Posted:  July 2, 2019) - See FYI for more info.
   (02)  Crystal Ridge Entrance Monument (Posted:  Updated 12/01/2019) - See FYI for more info
   (03)  2020 Tree Replacement (Posted: 01/10/2020) - Explanation for tree replacements in CRHOA




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  City of Puyallup

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     -  Library
     -  School District
  Pierce County
  King County
  Washington State
  Puyallup Highlands

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