Crystal Ridge Monument
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CRHOA - Original Documents
Updated:  8/05/2018


 Crystal Ridge is governed by our CCRs (web format & searchable)


 Below are the original documents governing Crystal Ridge HOA

Declaration of Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CCR) 10/16/1992
       First Amendment to CCRs (7/06/1993)  
       Addendum to the First Amendment to the CCRs (11/09/1993)  
       Second Amendment to the CCRs (3/09/1994)  
Incorporation of Janelle Estates HOA into Crystal Ridge HOA 11/17/1992
Bylaws of Crystal Ridge HOA of Puyallup 11/23/1992
Easement Agreement 10/17/1990
Agreement for Drainage Easement 7/16/1990
Certificate of Incorporation 1/27/1993
        Exhibit "A" - Legal Description for Crystal Ridge  
        Exhibit "B" - Legal Description for the Estates at Crystal Ridge  
        Exhibit "C" - Architectural Control Committee - Preliminary Information Worksheet