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News News - Shaw Road Improvement Project
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Updated:  3/30/2018
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3/29/18 - Key Points from Shaw Road Project Open House

Stay updated on project -
Contact for questions or comments - Charles "Ted" Hill (City Hall - Engineering), 253-841-5463,

1)  Shaw Road will close on April 16, 2018

2)  Closure to be from April to Dec 2018.  Working hours M-F, 7 am to 5 pm.  Weekend work is not planned but may be used as needed for extra work and/or to stay on schedule.  Contractor will be using 3 crews on this project. Plans are to be completed hopefully by Thanksgiving 2018 barring any related weather or unexpected issues that could delay completion. 

3)  Residents affected by the closure brought up many good questions, some summarized here:

a.  Safety - What about safety for affected neighborhoods (i.e. access, speeders, crime, fire, emergencies, etc)?    A: Planners have considered safety and  hope that this will not be a problem but will watch as things develop and adjust from there. 

b)  Fire Dept, Police and School Bus access?     A: The fire dept, police dept and school district have been included in the planning, have considered alternate routes to reach neighborhoods and will continue to be in touch with the City during the closure.

c)  Traffic control on the detour route at the intersection of 31st Ave SE and 5th St SE (behind Walmart and across from Bradley Park)?     A: Traffic signal engineers are installing a traffic light now at that intersection but it may not be activated for 2 or 3 months after start of work. A suggestion was proposed to install a temporary signal light or stop signs there to help manage increased traffic volume in the meantime. 

d)  Extending project from Manorwood to 39th?     A:  Not in the plans right now.  Would have to be looked at and considered by the City. 

e)  Update on Shaw Road from Pioneer to 23rd?    A:  Under discussion to obtain funding by the City for that section of road but there is no current schedule for the project.  May be a few years off considering the funding needed (est $30 to $40 M), gaining right-of-ways and access issues for streets connecting to this section of road.

f)  Closure notice and detour signs and their locations?     A:  Closure and detour signs are being installed where needed to help notify and manage traffic.  Will adjust and improve if needed as conditions warrant.

g)  Detours through Crystal Ridge, Puyallup Highands and Rodesco?     A:  No detour signs are being placed to route traffic through these neighborhoods. But this does not prevent traffic from trying to use these routes to get around. Most streets in these neighborhoods are maintained and controlled by the City.  So the HOA's and residents have no control over traffic that uses these streets except to report issues to the police, the City Council and/or the Project Engineer (see City Engineer contact above).




(posted 3/20/18)

 Shaw Road Project Open House

   - Thursday, March 29, 2018 - 4 to 7 pm

    Starting in April, Shaw Road will be closed for construction from 23rd Avenue SE to Manorwood Drive for six to eight months.This project is expected to begin construction in April.

    The primary improvement will be the addition of a turn lane between 23rd Avenue SE and Manorwood Drive. This section of Shaw Road experiences more than 16,000 vehicle trips per day, and the addition of a center left-turn lane will ease traffic congestion, promote safety and and improve travel times, particularly during the morning and evening commute hours. The project will also add a sidewalk on the west side and a mixed-use trail on the east side.
    The City will host a pre-construction open house on Thursday, March 29th from 4:00 to 7:00 pm. Staff will answer questions about the project, construction timeframe, alternate travel routes and potential impacts to the surrounding areas.
The open house will be in the Council Chambers on the 5th floor of City Hall, 333 S. Meridian.




(posted 3/06/2018)

Shaw Road Project Open House

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Starting in April, Shaw Road will be closed for construction from 23rd Avenue SE to Manorwood Drive for six to eight months. Come hear more about this project and recommended detours around the construction.

Date:  March 29, 2018
Time: 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Location:  5th Floor Puyallup City Hall
Address: 333 S. Meridian, Puyallup,WA  98371
Contact: 253-770-3370




    Shaw Road Partial Long-Term Closure, 23rd to Manorwood (posted 03/02/2018)

   Update on the pending Shaw Road improvement project which will entail closing the road from 23rd to Manorwood for six to eight months, starting in April (specific date not yet determined). The project webpage ( includes a recommended detour map for your convenience. Interested persons can sign up to receive street construction notices via email or text here:




- Jan 15, 2018 to mid-Feb - Shaw Road Natural Gas Main Improvement - Expect Delays - See PSE letter




- Shaw Road partial closure rescheduled to 2018
    City Notice:
    June 6th City Council agenda, Item 5.a):

     Summary:   This project will add a turn lane between 23rd Avenue SE and Manorwood Drive. This section of Shaw Road experiences more than 16,000 vehicle trips per day, and the addition of a center left-turn lane will ease traffic congestion and improve travel times, particularly during the morning and evening commute hours. The project will also add a sidewalk on the west side and a mixed-use trail on the east side.

    Rescheduling this project until next year will avoid a potential wintertime work shutdown and lessen the impact of the closure on residents. It will also allow the City to seek bids in a less competitive bidding environment, which could help to avoid higher project costs. The delay will further accommodate the completion of necessary utility work in the right-of-way ahead of actual project construction.

    The City remains committed to accomplishing this project and securing its benefits for all who use Shaw Road. We look forward to getting started, and to delivering a quality project for our citizens.

     Note: At the Puyallup City Council meeting on June 6th, the discussion also included updating some of the sewer lines in this area. City engineers felt the sewer still had about 5 years of service life left. So it made sense to upgrade the sewer at the same time as the Shaw Road improvement project to avoid tearing up the road again in just 5 years. Delay will allow time to complete bidding of the project, avoid a winter shutdown and allow time to add the sewer line replacement.


  - Shaw Road Summer 2017 Road Closure-2300 block of Shaw
  - Shaw Road: 23rd to Manorwood Drive Project

  - May 2, 2017,   - Agenda  - Video (20 min)
  - Shaw Road project communication plan (click Item 6.a)  - Powerpoint:  Plan
  - Closures & Construction - Sign up through "Notify Me" to be notified of any street closures or constructions projects that may cause interruptions within the City of Puyallup. (Note: After clicking "Notify Me", scroll down to News Flash, then Closures & Construction)



08/26/16 - Shaw Road [& Proposed Warehouses] - Email question & Response


EMAIL from a CRHOA resident
    Sent: Monday, July 18, 2016
    To: Puyallup City Council
    Subject: Shaw Road [& Proposed Warehouses]

    [Shaw Road]

I live [in CR]. I opposed the overpass that was built to reduce travel times between Pioneer and Main.

My opposition to the overpass has come true. Shaw is in full gridlock at this time. No turn outs for left turns, multiple rear end collisions, three that I know of at 15th and Shaw. Iím sure many more that I have not seen personally. How in the world is putting in more lanes going to help? There will still be just two lanes going up or down Shaw from 23rd to Shaw Road Elementary. I can barely stand the roar of traffic coming from Shaw to my home now. What is the plan to reduce noise emanating from Shaw to the multiple homes that will be further impacted by the increased traffic?

    [Proposed Warehouses - also see Proposed Warehouses ]

Also as a side note; with the massive new warehouse development at the old Van Lierop bulb farm, I believe the rail road spur that crosses Shaw will be used to supply those warehouses thus snarling traffic like we have never seen before.

CRHOA Resident


RESPONSE from Puyallup City Engineer

From: Mark Palmer <>
Sent: Friday, August 26, 2016
To: CRHOA Resident
Subject: RE: Shaw Road [& Proposed Warehouses]

    [Shaw Road]

You correctly point out that traffic volumes are increasing along Shaw Road and in fact throughout the Puget Sound basin. Projections indicate that there will be at least a million more of us in the next few years competing for transportation system. Without a change to the way development is currently happening things will definitely get worse. That being said, the Shaw Road project is the next in line of a series of projects which when completed will stretch from East Main to 39th Ave SE.

The current projection is for Shaw to be widened to 4-5 lanes between 12th Ave SW and 23rd Ave SW. This will most likely be the last leg completed, even though it is in the middle, because of the extensive property that will need to be purchased and the high costs for completing this segment. Estimates currently range from $25-$40 million for this segment.

From 23rd Ave SE to 39th Ave SE, the project will be two travel lanes, one each direction, with a two-way left turn lane and medians in between. As you point out, the two-way left turn lane will help reduce accidents, and just as important, will eliminate much of the conflict currently occurring without that turn lane. This reduction in conflict increases the volume capacity of the corridor sufficiently to carry the projected traffic demands through the next couple of decades. The phase we are completing now is from 23rd to Manorwood since that is all we have funding for currently.

There are no specific plans for noise reduction currently in the project. I will mention that the current plan is to use pervious concrete pavement for the project. Pervious pavements are quieter pavements because of their construction and there should be a small reduction (studies seem to indicate about 3 dB) in tire noise within the project when completed.

    [Proposed Warehouses - also see Proposed Warehouses ]

The Meeker Southern Railroad, as you may have noted, does have two tracks crossing Shaw Road. The owner has indicated plans to extend a spur to serve any industrial properties in the Van Lierop/Knutson Farms area, but to my knowledge does not have any near term plans to do so. The Knutson Farms development is in early stages of permit review with Pierce County, and you can provide comments on that development directly to them. Pierce County has an online permit system, you can go directly to their website to see the status of these permits. One of the permits can be found by following this link: 792206 -

You may need to register or log in to see the information.

Mark A. Palmer, P.E., LEED AP
City Engineer, Office of the City Engineer, City of Puyallup





   Shaw Road Construction


   06/21/16 - Shaw Road Design Update - Shaw Road; 23rd to Manorwood Drive Project & Tentative Shaw Road Construction timeline  [04/29/16 - Shaw Road, update on widening of  ] 





04/29/16 - Update on widening of Shaw Road

Summary:   On March 28, 2016, an open house was held by the City of Puyallup to discuss the widening of Shaw Road from 23rd to 39th. The dates given below summarize the schedule for the project:

    1) March 28, 2016 - The design plans were at the 30% standard level at this time

    2) September 30, 2016 - The design will be 90% complete and we will be able to see the final design at this time

    3) December 16, 2016 - Right-of-Way acquisition

    4) February 3, 2017 - Complete bid documents

    5) March 3, 2017 - Open bids

    6) March 17, 2017 - Award contract

    7) March 31,2017 - Notice to proceed

    8) December 15, 2017 - Construction completion

    Shaw road will be closed to all traffic in both directions from soon after the Notice to proceed until late fall of 2017. 

    The City will have traffic calming in place in our subdivision during the construction time as many of our neighbors will be trying to find a way to their homes. Shaw Road crossovers into affected neighborhoods will be set up to allow access.  The Board will be working with the City Traffic engineer Soma Chattopadhyay and City Engineer Mark Palmer before construction starts to lessen and provide safe passage for our homeowners.