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 News - Traffic
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 Updated: 9/6/12

   Since the development of Puyallup Highlands just north of Crystal Ridge, the Board has pursued ways to calm traffic within our neighborhood.  The  Board has met with CRHOA residents, the City of Puyallup traffic engineers and design engineers to consider several methods including stop signs, traffic circles, speed bumps, speed cushions, speed tables, double yellow lines,etc. 

   Below is information for your review and consideration.


Highlights for Aug-Sept 2012:
   - 8/27/12 (revised 9/6/12) - Traffic - As part of the planned traffic calming for CR, double yellow lines with night markers were painted and installed on Crystal Ridge Drive between Shaw Road & 20th by the City of Puyallup.

   - Week of 9/10/12
(revised 9/6/12) - Traffic - Weather permitting, the Puyallup Highlands developer plans to install the 6 speed tables in CR the week of Sept 10th to help in traffic calming.  Approved plan for Traffic Calming Speed Tables.


Traffic Calming  (8/08/12)  Approved plan for Traffic Calming

a. 8/8/12 - Speed tables expected to be installed by early September.  Center line striping for entance to Crystal Ridge (from Shaw to 20th) expected to be done the week of Aug 20th or week after.

b. 4/4/12 - Summary of meeting on Wed, Apr 4 - Ref:  Traffic Calming info (Draft CRHOA plan for traffic circles, speed tables,and speed cushions).  Board met with residents to obtain their input on the traffic calming plan. Board will meet to review input and will advise on any decisions made. If you have any further comments, please contact the Board at

c. 5/1/2 - Board 5/1/12 Traffic Calming Plan  - To be discussed at next Board Meeting.

Dump trucks in Crystal Ridge (7/5/12)
The Board has received some questions from residents about Puyallup Highland's dump trucks driving through our neighborhood instead of using the Puyallup Highlands entrance on Shaw Road.  We met with the City and the developer to discuss this issue.  The Crystal Ridge streets are not private roads and are considered city streets.  There are no restrictions and trucks are allowed on our streets as they are legal to be driving on all city streets.  If the trucks show up before 7:00 am, please call the police and report them. If they are speeding or doing anything else illegal, please do the same.