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fyi For Your Information
Updated:  11/12/16

See Locking Mailboxes on this page and Email DL
     Crystal Ridge is governed by our CCRs

     Below are regular reminders for all residents (owners and tenants).

Update 2/02/16 - Added Locking Mailboxes information
1)  Speed Limit is 25 mph in Crystal Ridge  

2)  HOA Dues notices are sent out annually and payments are due by January 31st.  Late fees and liens will be applied for all delinquent dues. Board will also pursue collections and foreclosure for past dues.

3)  Modification Requests for your home and property MUST be approved prior to starting the project as stated in the CCR's.  Use our Modification Request form to submit your requests to the Board. See CCR Mod Requests.

4)  RV's, boats & trailers must parked and stored per the CCR's.  Vehicles such as boats, trailers, trucks, campers, and recreational vehicles cannot be parked on the street or in your driveway more than 24 hours unless you have specific approval from the Board. Please review the   CCR's, Article IX, Section 1: "...No storage of goods, vehicles, boats, trailers, trucks, campers, recreational vehicles, or other equipment or device shall be permitted in open view from any Lot or right-of-way. (Vehicles, boats, trailers, trucks, campers, and recreational vehicles shall be referred to as “Vehicles.”)  This provision shall exclude temporary (less than 24 hours) parking of Vehicles on the designated driveway areas adjacent to garages on the Lots...".

5)  Garbage cans, recycling containers and yard waste bins must be stored out of site during the week except for day of pick up.  Then they must be returned to your homes after pick up. Home and lot maintenance need to bein accordance with the CCR's. 

6)  Homes and yards need to comply with the CCR's. This means home and lawn maintenance needs to be compliant. Homeowner plants and hedges should not encroach or completely overgrow our sidewalks. They must be trimmed back to the sidewalk edge.  If not cared for, this may be done by the association at the homeowner's expense.

7)  Watering their planter strips and trees in front of your property is the responsibility of each owner and tenant minder:  Please take care of this obligation to help in our recovery and maintaining the planter strips.  The Estates have installed sprinkler systems.  The Classics  do not and need to water on their own.  CCR wording:

 ARTICLE I.  Section 5, is further amended to include the 7.5-foot wide landscape planter strip with street trees in the street right-of-way within all areas of Crystal Ridge, including those outside of “The Estates at Crystal Ridge,” on both sides of all streets, as a common maintenance area to be maintained by the Homeowners Association.  However, the regular watering of the planter strips outside of “The Estates” referenced in this subsection to maintain a green, park-like appearance shall remain the responsibility of each individual property owner fronting on said planter strips as further set forth in the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, unless and until such time as a centralized irrigation system is installed by the Homeowners Association.   




8)  Locking Mailboxes



     MAIL & IDENTITY THEFT - Mail and identity theft is a frequent item in the news these days. Some Crystal Ridge residents have been victimized. Mail left in unsecured mail boxes potentially allows thieves to steal your credit cards, pin numbers, ID cards, checks, and cash. It is a crime, intrusive on your personal lives, and can be a major headache to clear up. There are some steps you can do to help protect yourself:

·         Install locking mailboxes (procedures below)

·         Never leave mail in your mailbox overnight

·         Remove mail as soon as it is delivered

·         Drop outgoing mail off at the post office

·         Notify the post office to hold your mail when absent

·         Stay alert

·         Report suspicious activity to the police

If you and your neighbors decide to convert to secure mailboxes, as others have done already, the procedures for approval are shown below.  If you have any questions, send us an email or write us a letter


Click for larger image
Mailbox Procedures Summary
Mailbox Signup form

Secure Mailboxes - Special Update

Review of Procedures

The Board is prepared to act quickly to review requests per the following steps if they are identical to this first setup. If you propose to do something different, then the Board will have to review the proposal accordingly.


Postal Service


1. To convert, there must be 100% participation by each homeowner (not rental tenant) at that particular mailbox standard. Contact the tenants or the Board for the address of the absentee homeowner. You must have approval from the post office before you convert.



Crystal Ridge HOA procedures for installing secure mailboxes


1. If you have 100% participation, contact the post office to obtain a package of information on the procedures to follow for the conversion. In the package, you will need to read and complete the petition and forms enclosed in the package.


2. Before you commit to an installation or expend any funds, check with the Post Office for approved models.  Be sure the model is approved by the Puyallup Post Office for installation in our neighborhood and that the residents involved can cover the cost of the new models.  

    Modification Request - After you have approval from the Post Office, then submit a modification request form or letter to the Board requesting the conversion and provide all information available such as 100% agreement, location, style of boxes, quantity, necessary modifications to a standard, etc.  Please include model numbers, color, size, and a picture of the new boxes.

You can obtain a modification application online, modification application form.  Each application should designate a person(s) who will be the coordinator for each mailbox standard. Please include the name, address, and phone number of the designated person(s). The Board would like to use the existing standards as much as possible and would like to avoid secure mailboxes on pedestals.


3. Board Review - The Board will review each application to ensure that the covenants are being followed, that unauthorized modifications to the mailbox standards will not occur, and to maintain the decorum of the neighborhood.


      4. If the Board approves your application, then the designated person(s) can follow through to set up the installation with the post office and the installer.


      5. The designated person(s) for each standard will be responsible to ensure that the conversion is accomplished per approved plans and to coordinate with the post office and the installer.


      6. The post office and the installer will probably require all payments up front before the secure mailboxes are installed.


      7. Each homeowner is responsible for their own expenses for the installation. The Crystal Ridge HOA will not pay for any installations. The designated person(s) in charge at each standard is responsible for collecting funds and making applicable payments to the installer and/or post office, as necessary.


      8. Each homeowner must accept the disruption in service, if any, and alternate mail deliveries, if any, as negotiated with the post office and the installer.


Final Comments


1. These secure mailboxes will help deter mail theft but are not an absolute guarantee against any mail theft. They act as a deterrent only by making it "harder" for thieves to access your mailbox. All residents converting to secure mailboxes should remember this and continue to use prudent measures to help avoid theft of your personal and business mail.


2. Good luck! If you have any questions, please contact the Board.




Email Distribution Lists

1)  Board Email DL -


    The Board email DL is a private DL for Board members only. 


   Mod Requests, Suggestions, comments or complaints - If you have any modification requests, business, suggestions, comments or complaints, please send an email to the Board at   Resident comments made under our Facebook page "CRHOA of Puyallup, WA" are not acted on by the Board. 


     Email Held for Approval - When you send an email to the Board, you may receive an email back saying that the email you sent to the Board has been delayed pending approval by the moderator or administrator.  This is normal and is used to avoid the inboxes of the Board from being filled up with junk emails and spam.  Your email usually will be approved and forwarded to the Board within 24 hours.

    Business Email for the Board:  If you are conducting business with the HOA Board, send an email to this DL for review and approval.  Remember also that the Board does not conduct business via Facebook.

    Facebook:  Postings from the Board on FB are used to pass information to the community such as Board meetings, neighborhood events, city notices and other pertinent information.  Occasionally, FB postings about wild animals, alerts, notices, etc will be added to this web site directly from FB.  Our web site usually has the same information posted.
CRHOA News Email DL  -

The CRHOA News email DL is a private DL used only by the Board to send general neighborhood news, information and updates to you. Your email address is on this list if either you requested to be added to the DL or it was added from your correspondence with the Board. 
     Join the DL:  If you are a resident or owner of property in Crystal Ridge of Puyallup, WA and want to join, remove or revise your email address, please send a request to:  Junk email will not be accepted and will be discarded.
     Privacy - To protect your privacy, only the Board can use this DL and your information will not be shared with any other parties.  All news sent via this DL is general in nature relating to Crystal Ridge and Puyallup (as applicable) and is not specific to any person.
     Email Held for Approval - When you send an email to the Board, you may receive an email back saying that the email you sent to the Board has been delayed pending approval by the moderator or administrator.  This is normal and is used to avoid the inboxes of the Board from being filled up with junk emails and spam.  Your email usually will be approved and forwarded to the Board within 24 hours.