Crystal Ridge Homeowner's Association of Puyallup, WA

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Board of Directors
     Updated:  12/09/2022
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      Volunteer to help the Board of Directorsos

             If interested or have questions, please contact the Board at


     The Board currently has 4 members.

     If you are interested in volunteering to help on the Board or ACC, please send an email to the Board at  The Board will review your request and answer any questions.

    The Board and the ACC members are volunteers who are working to manage and maintain the appearance of Crystal Ridge which in turn helps to maintain our home property values in Puyallup. Vista Property Management is a paid company to help the Board manage community business and take some of the load off of the Board.

    Please consider volunteering...we can really use the extra help.
   Thank you,    Board of Directors, CRHOA


                         Board of Directors                        Term
President     Emory Gearhart Feb 1, 2021  to  Jan 31, 2023
Vice President     Tim Nelson Feb 1, 2021  to  Jan 31, 2023
tbd     Susan Bartlett Feb 1, 2022  to  Jan 31, 2025
tbd     Jaimie Robinson Mar 25 2022  to  Jan 31, 2025
Treasurer / Secretary         - Open 2 or 3 year term
Member         - Open 2 or 3 year term
Past Board Members        (Term Expired)
 President     Mark Crawford - (Jan 31, 2021)
 VP     Fred Herber - (Jan 31, 2021)
Newsletter Editor
    Peggy Kloes - (Jan 31, 2021)
 Treasurer     Emory Gearhart - (Jan 31, 2023)

    Tim Evans - (Jan 31, 2021)

 Member     Chong Lam - (Jan 31, 2021)
 Member     Patti Lundell - (Jan 31, 2021)