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 2020 & 2019 Meeting
Minutes & Newsletters
Current 2021 - Minutes & Newsletters
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Updated:  01/29/2021
Archived - 2020 Minutes
2020 Minutes Minutes
Dec 2020 Newsletter (tba)
J  Jan 22, 2020 Minutes
Agenda - Plus
- Proceedings
- Homeowners Q&A, Open Forum
- Open Annual Meeting & Proof of Notice
- Financial Results and Forecast
- 2020 Budget Voting Results
- Volunteers Needed for Committees
    * CRD Entrance Monument Design
    * Security Committee - Block Watch
    * Rules and Regulations
    * Architectural Control (ACC)
    * Nominating
    * Welcome
    * Play Lot Maintenance
- Board Election Results
- Addendum
    * 2020 Budget, Reserve Rport and Forecast Report to Homeowners

0 Minutes
     2020 Board Member Nomination Application

One seat on the Board is open for election in January 2020.
    If you are interested in
    serving on the Board, see details below

    Candidate Interest Form
: One seat on the Board is open for election in January 2020.

     If you would like to serve on the Board, please fill out the Candidate Interest Form (see link above) and was enclosed with thDec 2019 Newsletter.

   Deadline to submit form Dec 13, 2019
      Return completed form via email to
     or by regular mail to Crystal Ridge Board, P.O. Box 73144, Puyallup, WA 98373
     before December 13, 2019.

      The Nominating Committee will review applications and recommend candidates for the January ballot. (The Nominating Committee has been appointed by the Board pursuant to the Bylaws, Article V, Section 1.)

    All candidates must:
        • Be in good standing: No violations and current on all assessments and fines
        • Attend all Board meetings and promptly respond to email correspondence
        • Work cooperatively with the Board and the management company
        • Read and be familiar with the HOA governing documents
        • Serve a minimum three (3) year term
        •Agree to abide by and sign the CR HOA Board Code of Conduct
Feb 5, 2020
Agenda (n/a)
Mar 4, 2020
Agenda (n/a)
 Minutes (n/a)

Notice 3/03/2020 - Mar 4th Board meeting has been canceled and rescheduled for April 1, tentatively at the library, but the venue is subject to change.

    Apr 1, 2020 Minutes

 Consecutive Virtual Board Mtgs  

 Plan for attending this meeting - If want to attend this virtaul meeting, please read and follow this plan for approval and to be invited to attend.

- Nomination of Officers
- Fianacial Report / Vista Management
- Audit Report
- Landscape Report
- Committees
   June 3, 2020 Minutes
Virtual Board Meeting
via Zoom - Agenda
- Board Actions after April 1, 2020
- Financial Report
- Monument
- Discussion of Board Policies and Procedures:
   * Advisory Committee
   * Bylaws - Updates
   * Mail-in Ballots
   * Budget procedures
   * Reserve Studies
   * Info for HOA on web site
   * P & P that need to be formalized in writing

Sept 2, 2020 Minutes


- Board Actions after June 3, 2020 Board Meeting

-Financial Report / Vista Management

- Landscape

- Monument Design

- Nomination for New Board Members and Elections

- Proposed Amendments to the Bylaws

- Amendment to the Rules and Regulations

- Policies and Procedures

    a) ACC

    b) ACC Approval Process 

- Board Communications

- Budget & Finance

- Rules and Regulations


Dec 1, 2020 Minutes

Candidate Forum & Q&A

- Introductions

- Nominating Committee

-Tim Nelson

- Discussion

         Dec 2, 2020 Minutes
- Call to Order
- Minues of Sept 2, 2020 Mtg
- Action / Activities by Board after Sept 2, 2020 Mtg
- Discussion with Homeowner
- Fiancial Report
- Landscape Report
- Committee Reports
    a. Monument
    b. Nominating
- New Business

Archived - 2019 Minutes
2019 Minutes Minutes
Dec 2019 Newsletter
    Jan 23, 2019 Annual Mtg Minutes
- Call to Order
- Introcduction of Board Members
- Open Meeting and Establich Quorum
- Proof of Notice of Meeting
- 2019 Budget
- Vote Results of 2019 Budget
- Committees - Autorization for Fence Replacement Committee
-Howeowner Questions:
- Annual Meeting was adjourned at 7:50 pm
- Kerriann Cockrell and Officer Martin from Puyallup PD discussed crime prevention
see next column)
- Committee volunteers fro neighborhoodwatch, ACC and R&R were recognized and thanked
   (Continued next column)
Jan 23, 2019 Annual Meeting
         Crime Prevention

   Kerriann Cockrell (Puyallup PD Crime Prevention Coordinator) and Officer Martin from the Puyallup PD discussed crime prevention. They also provided these "Crime Prevention Handouts" for your use:

(01) - Get Connected with Puyallup PD
(02) - PD Beats and Blocks
(03) - South Sound 911
(04) - Citizen's Academy
    (Mar 20 to May 1, 2019)
    Class offers behind the scene information on law enforcement
(05) - Home Security Checklist
(06) - Serial Number Recording Form
(07) - Help Catch A Criminal
(08) - Vehicle Break-Ins and Theft
   Feb 6, 2019 - Minutes (n/a)
Agenda (n/a)
Canceled Meeting

     Mar 6, 2019 - Minutes
-  Call to order
-  Minutes
-  Violations Report
- Treasurer and Collections
- Review Annual Meeting Budget and Voting Procedures
- Estates/Classics Fence Replacement Committee (FRC) Report: Items of Discussion
     a. Directives to contractor
     b. Directives to homeowners
     c. Bids
- Review 2019 Capital Expense Budget
     a.  Play lot completion
     b.  Tree replacement
- 2019 Board Meeting dates tabled and will be voted on via email
-  New Business
Addendum - Subsequent to the Board meeting additional action by the Board:
- Mar 13, 2019 - Fence Replacement Committee (FRC) met with contractor to finalize contract
- Mar 17, 2019 - Reviewed repair estimate for irrigation systems
     Apr 30, 2019  - Minutes
   Special Meeting of Board of Directors
   Corner of Crystal Ridge Drive & Shaw Road

Purpose of the Meeting: To discuss the notice by the City of Puyallup to the Board of Directors that the Crystal Ridge monument located at the intersection of Shaw Road and Crystal Ridge Drive must be razed.

     Jun 5, 2019 - Minutes
- Treasurer and Collections
    a.  Reserve Fund
    b.  Collections
- Landscape Maintenance
- Estates Fence Replacement Report
- Play Lot Report
- National Night Out (NNO)
- Crystal Ridge Drive Entrance Monument
    a. Motion to Accept Offer
- Washington Common Inbterest Ownership Act (WUCIOA)


     Sept 4, 2019 - Minutes
- Call to order - Quorum
- Minutes approval
- Treasurer & Collections
- Landscape Maintenance
- Janelle Entrance Monument
- Play Lot Report
- Neighborhood Block Watch and Play Lot Grand Opening
- Crystal Ridge Entrance Monument
- New Business
- Addendum - Resolutions of the Board of Directors of CRHOA of Puyallup WA wirh ref to the CR Entrance Monument
- Exhibit A: Form Of Memorandum of Understanding

    Neighborhood Block Watch Event & Play Lot Grand Opening 
   When: Saturday, Sept. 7th, Time: 2-4pm 
  Where: Play Lot on Amber Blvd.

   Come join your neighbors and learn how you can participate in Neighborhood Block Watch and enjoy the Grand Opening of the remodeled Play Lot on Amber Blvd. 

   Let the kiddos play, have some ice cream, meet your neighbors, learn about Block Watch and win some nifty Raffle Prizes. You must be a resident of Crystal Ridge and be present to win. 
For more Block Watch info,  see CR Watch & NNO 


      Oct 5, Sat, 9 to 10 am - CRHOA - Block Watch (BW) Meeting
     Place: The Board Room at the Puyallup Public Library at Pioneer Park   


    Purpose: To meet with the Puyallup Crime Prevention Coordinator, Kerrann Cockrell, to explain the Neighborhood Watch program, how it helps to protect yourself, your family and neighbors and how to set one up.
    Follow-up: This a follow-up to our Block Watch event on Saturday, Sept 7th, to set up a BW and to reinvigorate your existing BW. You can volunteer to be a Block Watch captain and/or a Block Watch member.
    Invited: CRHOA residents
    Ref:   For more info about National Night Out (NNO)and Block Watch (BW) visit CR Watch


Nov 6, 2019 - Minutes
Agenda  (Revised 11/03/19)


- Call to Order & Quorum

- Minutes

- Treasurer & Collections

- Audit

- CRD Entrance Monument Replacement an Easement

- Reserve Report

- 2020 Budget & Assessments - Discussion

- Nominating Committee

- Discussion Regarding Board Member


     Dec 4, 2019 - Minutes

- Call to Order

- Minutes

- Treasurer & Collections

- Rules & Regulations

- Annual HOA Meeting Agenda and Voting

- Nominating Committee Report

Addendum - Resolution of the CRHOA Board of Directors Dec 4, 2019 Meeting

    Dec 13, 2019

Dec 2020 Newsletter - includes 2020 Board Member Nomination Application -
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