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CRHOA Notices & Events
      Updated: 12/10/2020
2020 Tree Replacements
     Tree removal and replacement explanation and plan. (1/10/20)

    Gator bags (sample letter)
   Tree maintenance, irrigation and owner responsibilities (6/15/2020)

Entrance Monument
- Modification updates at CRD & Shaw Road (8/21/2020)

    The Estates monument lights have been replaced with new energy efficient LED lights.  Please email the Board if you observe any problems.  (7/28/2020)


  CRHOA Monument and Shaw Road reconstruction started (Sept 2020) >>>


Use & Restrictions for
HOA Common Areas
Playground - Closed until further notice due to COVID-19 (07/01/2020)






       CR Monument Committee

            Volunteers Added

           (Posted: 08/23/2020)

             (Update: 10/13/2020)


    The City of Puyallup is working to complete the sidewalk, bike lane, road and traffic signal improvements at Shaw Rd and Crystal Ridge Drive.  This includes demolition of the Crystal Ridge entrance monument.  The CR Board of Directors negotiated a payment settlement with the City in 2019 which included funding to install a new entrance monument.

   The Board now has 5  volunteers to serve on a monument to design the new monument to work within a budget to design the monument, hire an architect to draw construction plans, solicit bids, award a construction contract, obtain a construction permit and oversee the construction.  

   Work is underway by the city to redesign the intersection at  Shaw Road-CRD-23rd. The committee will develop the project timeline, design and specifications for our new monument.  The committee will meet to interview at least three contractors, review bids, award a contract and monitor the construction to ensure the project is built to the design specifications.  

   If you would like to volunteer please contact the CR Board of Directors at

Mark Crawford
Crystal Ridge Homeowners' Association