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McGruff Neighborhood Watch
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Updated: 09/05/2021

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What Is A Neighborhood Watch Program?


Crime Prevention for Everyone
     A Neighborhood Watch Program involves average citizens who join together to help prevent crime in their community.

Our best defense is to understand how we can protect our family, friends, neighbors and neighborhood.  Our safety depends on responding to an emergency, reporting crime, taking pro-active preventative measures and preparation for recovery.
    National Night Out (NNO)
   Review this web site and get involved.

   Attend our neighborhood events.

   Follow the steps below to be prepared.
    NNO Events      Past NNO Events      What is NNO?
Event Date Where
2020 CRHOA
Block Watch
Aug - Canceled due to COVID-19 ---
2019 Block Watch Event & Grand Opening of the Play Lot on Amber Blvd Sept 7, 2019
2 to 4 pm
Play Lot on Amber Blvd
2018 NNO
Read more about this event
Aug 7, 2018
6 to 8 pm
Puyallup Pioneer Park
2017 NNO
Aug 1,2017
6:30 to 8:30 pm
PH, Victoria Lane Ct 15th Ave SE
2016 NNO
Aug 2, 2016
6:30 to 8:30 pm
15th Ave SE
    What is Neighborhood Block Watch ?


   CRHOA Puyallup Police Department Crime Prevention Coordinator

     - Kerriann Cockrell

        Contact info, phone 253-841-5531 for questions setting up your Block Watch program. 


    Very simply, Neighborhood Block Watch is a system designed to encourage neighbors to look out for each other and reduce crime by reporting suspicious activity and crime.

    It helps create the very best crime prevention device invented: neighbors watching your home as well as their own.

    Block Watch is the most successful anticrime program in the country. Itís the most effective, and least expensive, tool to make sure we have the safe, pleasant environment we all want for our families. 


    For more details, read "Crime Prevention for Everyone".


    What Can I Do? 





       Emergency:  call 911


       Report a Suspicious Activity or Crime:  call  253-841-5415


        Additional Info:  check Police, City, County & State



   Pro-Active Preventative Measures


     Contact our Neighborhood Watch coordinators: 


         - To volunteer or ask a question, please contact: 
       -  Puyallup Police Department Crime Prevention Coordinator
   a)  Kerriann Cockrell (effective 8/28/17).  She can be reached at, phone 253-841-5531and will be able to answer your questions and help you set your Block Watch program. 

      3 Steps


      This web site provides 3 proactive steps we each can take to help prevent, protect and recover from crime that may strike.


             Step 1:  Review this web site. 


              Step 2 Protect Your Family & Assets


             Step 3:  Start a Block Watch, Volunteer to be a Captain and Join the Team



a)   Block Watch - Program to improve neighborhood safety by organizing residents in a common effort to be on the look out for potential and actual crimes.


 b)  Block Watch Captain - A leader who starts, organizes and manages a Block Watch Team. 


 c)  Block Watch Team - Neighbors of approximately 8 to 10 homes near each other who volunteer, become involved and actively participate to keep watch for suspicious activity and crimes in the neighborhood and report it to the police  It is a team effort. 


   Preparation for Recovery



   Prepare yourself to recover from a crime or other loss caused by fire, flood, earthquake, winds, snow, ice and etc..  Your preparation can help in reporting a crime and filing insurance claims.




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