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Board Meetings
Updated:  06/13/2022

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Please refresh or review this web page for up-to-date information
     This page provides Q&A for frequent questions asked by Crystal Ridge residents.

    Please read the FAQ below to find an answer or solution to your problem.  If you have a specific question about your situation, please contact the Board at  support@navigatecm.com.
When are Board meetings held?

     Monthly Meetings -  Board meetings are normally held the 1st Tuesday of each month unless otherwise noted on our Home page and on our Facebook page, CRHOA of Puyallup, WA.  Actual meeting dates may change due to availability of Board members due to travel, vacations, illness or other events.
     Annual Meeting - An annual CRHOA Neighborhood Board meeting is held every January or February.  Residents are notified of the meeting via mailings, our CRHOA Email DL and postings on the Home page of this web site and Facebook.  Agenda items include neighborhood accomlishments, planned projects, financial review including past year budget and next year budget plan, Board member elections, general and specific issues affecting Crystal Ridge.
     Attendance - All reisdents are invited to attend any Board meeting and the Annual Meeting.

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