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Board & News Email Distribution Lists (DL)
    Updated:  05/25/23

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This page provides Q&A for frequent questions asked by Crystal Ridge residents.

    Please read the FAQ below to find an answer or solution to your problem.  If you have a specific question about your situation, please contact the Board at
 What are the CRHOA email DLs, how are they used and how do I get added to the list?


1)   Board Email DL -


    The Board email DL is a private DL for Board members only. 


   Mod Requests, Suggestions, comments or complaints - If you have any modification requests, business, suggestions, comments or complaints, please send an email to the Board at   Resident comments made under our Facebook page "CRHOA of Puyallup, WA" are not acted on by the Board. 


    Business Email for the Board:  If you are conducting business with the HOA Board, send an email to this DL for review and approval.  Remember also that the Board does not conduct business via Facebook.

    Facebook:  Postings from the Board on FB are used to pass information to the community such as Board meetings, neighborhood events, city notices and other pertinent information.  Occasionally, FB postings about wild animals, alerts, notices, etc will be added to this web site directly from FB.  Our web site usually has the same information posted.
2)   ACC Email DL -

 The ACC DL is a private DL for Board and ACC members only.

The ACC DL is reserved for members of the ACC Committee.  As a non-member, you cannot send an email to this list.  if you send an email to the ACC DL either directly or via reply-to-all, you may receive an auto-reply indicating it is held for approval.  For non-members, it is not approved and will be discarded.

3)    CRHOA News Email DL  -

The CRHOA News email DL is a private DL used only by the Board to send general neighborhood news, information and updates to you. Your email address is on this list if either you requested to be added to the DL or it was added from your correspondence with the Board. 
     Join the DL:  If you are an owner or renter of property in Crystal Ridge of Puyallup, WA and want to join, remove or revise your email address, please send a request to .  Junk email will not be accepted and will be discarded.
     Privacy - To protect your privacy, only the Board can use this DL and your information will not be shared with any other parties.  All news sent via this DL is general in nature relating to Crystal Ridge and Puyallup (as applicable) and is not specific to any person.
     Email Held for Approval - When you send an email to the Board, you may receive an email back saying that the email you sent to the Board has been delayed pending approval by the moderator or administrator.  This is normal and is used to avoid the inboxes of the Board from being filled up with junk emails and spam.  Your email usually will be approved and forwarded to the Board within 24 hours.
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