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Social Media Policy
Updated:  06/13/2022
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     This page provides Q&A for frequent questions asked by Crystal Ridge residents.

    Please read the FAQ below to find an answer or solution to your problem.  If you have a specific question about your situation, please contact the Board at  support@navigatecm.com.
What is the social media policy for the HOA and the Board?

     Policy: Our Facebook site (CRHOA of Puyallup, WA) is for members to receive neighborhood news, have civil discussions and share information. Members who use this group media to harass or denigrate other members may run the risk of being removed from this group. Commercial advertising is not allowed on our FB page.

    Contacting the Board:  The Board does not conduct business via Facebook, NextDoor, Twitter or any other social media apps. Postings on FB are used to pass information to the community such as meetings, neighborhood events, city notices, alerts and other neighborhood related items. Contact the Board at support@navigatecm.com to address HOA business, suggestions, comments, questions or complaints. You can also attend a Board meeting to address any issues you may have.

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