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Updated:  06/13/2022
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     This page provides Q&A for frequent questions asked by Crystal Ridge residents.

    Please read the FAQ below to find an answer or solution to your problem.  If you have a specific question about your situation, please contact the Board at  support@navigatecm.com.
What is the policy for towing illegally parked cars?

    Residents may have noticed that towing signs have been placed around our neighborhood.
   Approximately 6 signs were placed in Crystal Ridge…1 at each entrance and 4 interspersed throughout the neighborhood on mailbox standards. 
   Gene’s Towing Company has been contracted by the Board and placed these signs so that they could legally tow cars at the Boards’ request. 
   The Board will not tow any cars or vehicles illegally parked until notice has been sent to homeowner and resident via email, mail or direct contact to allow you time to take care of the vehicle on your own.  This step was taken by the Board to enforce parking rules per the CCRs, Art IX, Section 1.
    You can review the CCRs and ByLaws on this site. 
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