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Trees in Green Belt
Updated:  06/13/2022
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   Q:   We heard a tree fall in the greenbelt behind us early this morning. This is the second in eight months. Fortunately it seemed to have fallen inward away from any of the homes. What is the protocol for checking the health of the trees?  I am concerned about if these trees were to fall on one of our homes.  I was under the understanding the HOA is responsible for maintenance of all property outside of our property lines. 

    CR Board:
   The good news is that many residents enjoy the privacy and the potential value the green belt offers.
    The bad news is the trees can't be counted on to stay standing.   While the HOA pays property taxes on the green belt property, the HOA does not maintain the green belt.  This is especially true for the trees.  The City of Puyallup has jurisdiction over the trees in the greenbelt and homeowners that wish to trim, prune or remove these trees must obtain permission from the City.
   Puyallup Council member:

    I saw the tree health conversation on the FB page. Chris Beale in the city's planning department is a verified arborist.  His number is 848-5418 or He may have some ideas or resources.

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