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Updated:  2/10/16


Alert    Periodically alerts are sent out to the neighborhood via the CRHOA email distribution list and also posted on this web page.
(also see News)






    Emergency:  call 911


    Report a Suspicious Activity or Crime:  call  253-841-5415


     Additional Info:  check Police, City, County & State



   Below are some alerts and news items for your consideration.

   Please remember to contact the police to report a crime.



2/10/16 - Follow-up to another mailbox theft (see 1st email below on 2/09/16)


Note:  Locking Mailboxes - See Locking Mailboxes installation procedures & Special Notices (note additional items there too)


Email below is from a CRHOA resident (approx location is Estates):


     I was on my walk yesterday afternoon and a lady stopped me. She lives on 40th, outside our neighborhood. She said some mail had been dumped in her yard and she was wanting the people to know that theirs had been taken. She’s been the victim of mail theft and knows the pain. She had mail from 4 houses in our neighborhood. I hand delivered to all 4 houses. I talked to 2 of the people, one of those was going to talk to their neighbor. So I actually connected with 3 (given that the one neighbor talked to another neighbor), and missed one person, but I intend to stop by today on my walk for that last house. One had been the victim before, he’s on the board.
   So, yes. We had another mail box break in. Locations, 3 houses in The Estates, all on CRD. The 4th was over on 20th. They are breaking locks.
   I will become more vigilant and watch our mailbox, since I can see it from my office window.
   Oh, one more thing, for me, the lady stopped me about 2:30, and by then the thieves had been by her neighborhood to dump off the unwanted mail. I saw the mailman in the neighborhood when I was on my walk too, so the thieves are popping locks right behind the mailman coming through.



2/09/16 - Another Mailbox Theft


Note:  Locking Mailboxes - See Locking Mailboxes installation procedures & Special Notices (note additional items there too)


Email below is from a CRHOA resident (approx location is Estates):


    When I came home from work tonight at 6:30 pm I found that someone had broken in to our mail box.  They broke the lock, but the box was not otherwise damaged. 
    I have filed a police report.  Please pass the info on.  We live in the Estates, and have our own box rather than the community type that most have.



2/01/16 - Mailbox Theft


Note:  Locking Mailboxes - See Locking Mailboxes installation procedures & Special Notices (note additional items there too)


Email below is from a CRHOA resident (approx location is Estates off Crystal Lane Loop SE):


     Our mailbox was broken into this weekend at some point and mail and a package was taken out. We have a standalone mailbox, instead of the block mail boxes like the rest of the neighborhood, but we do have a locking insert. This was pried open, and the locking mechanism was completely broken. 

     I did file a police report, and the police did come out. I just wanted to let you know because the rest of our neighbor's mailboxes don't have a locking portion, and if ours was broken into and mail was taken out, most likely their mail was taken as well. I am not sure if other mail was taken throughout time, or not.



12/23 to 12/24/15 - Car break-ins



Emails below are from CRHOA residents.  It is not possible to post every incident but there are tips you can use.
     See our web page "Protect Your Family & Assets" for information and tips you can use to help prevent and report crimes in our neighborhood. 

     Tips for home, family and automobile security are posted on there.

     It is very important to call the police to at least establish an official police record.


12/23/15 - Just a heads up.  Our vehicle parked in the driveway was broken into on 12-23-15 sometime in the middle of the night.    We live off 34h St.  In the process of filing a police report.


12/26/15 - Hey, don't know if you got the word but we had prowlers in the cul-de-sac again thursday morning about 0530 or so.  Its 19th ave ct se, my neighbor xxxx chased them down the street with a bat
but didn't catch up. I advised him that wasn't probably the smartest thing to do.  He got them on video but its not that useful I don't think, kinda sketchy.  On going problem I'm afraid, although he did
call 911 and several officers responded.  I don't think they were able to catch anybody.   They got into at least two cars and were seen on video looking at xxxxx's windows and mine again. maybe the 
nra sticker and my dogs scared them off of my house.  

12/26/15 - I live at on 19th Ave Ct SE.  I witnessed a vehicle prowler at 4:30 am on the 24th of December of several vehicles in our culdesac. I was very close to actually catching one of the suspects. 911 was called and several police officers responded. The suspect ran (was on foot) out of 19th avenue took a left on Crystal Ridge Blvd, then took a right on 20th ave. This is where I lost sight of him. I was so close to getting him I grabbed one of his shoes off of his foot.
   The suspect I saw was a white male in his early 20's/ late teens and he was talking on a blue tooth device on his phone while committing the crimes. I presume that was the driver of a vehicle that was parked down the street.
   But one thing I can say is that people need to keep their cars locked. Every vehicle that was broken into was unlocked.  Let me know if I can be of any help as this has been an ever increasing problem.




10/31/15 - Theft from front porches in CR


Alert - Package theft from front porch - Important for all to be alert especially during this holiday season.


 Email from CR resident to  - I would like to post something about somebody stealing boxes delivered by UPS and FedEx to our front porch. Two boxes have been stolen in the last month. My daughter is getting married and we have had several items delivered over the past five months so I'm sure somebody has been watching our house.  Please let me know if something can be posted or if anybody has seen or heard anything thank you.


Facebook post from same resident:   Over the past month we have had two packages stolen from our front porch that were delivered by UPS and FedEx. Has anybody else had this problem or has anybody seen or heard anything. The items that were stolen were simply plates for a wedding and personalize knives for my daughter and fiancé. It's pretty obvious that somebody has noticed packages been delivered to our home over the past 4 to 5 months.   


 Response to FB post:   It may seem small and nothing they can do about it, but make sure to report it to the Puyallup PD. Sometimes thieves will follow a truck and when multiple reports come in, they can see patterns. The house 3 streets away may have gotten security footage of the guy and your neighborhood might have gotten a partial license plate. Separate their inconclusive but together they're evidence. They're still really tough cases, but every piece of info they [the police] get helps.





10/11/15 - Wildlife (Deer & Bears) in CR


     Note:   What should you do to help prevent wild animals from coming into the neighborhood and who do you contact if you see any wild animals?  For answers and more info, go to our FAQ web page:  


Posts:  CRHOA Facebook   -!/groups/315283221901788/



FB Post 10/6/15: Here is the big boy that has been causing our deer problems. He is eating a Mountain Ash tree that is 10 years old and just 3 feet high. Same for my apple trees. We love living in Crystal Ridge.
      FB Comment 10/6/15: He tore up a Italian Plum tree at my place. It will be over in a month...



 FB Post 10/7/15: Our bear came through again last night. Hit the neighbor's garbage can on Crystal Lane Loop.


     FB Comment 10/7/15: That is quite a "game trail" you have going on!
     FB Comment 10/8/15: Yep, my husband was driving through the neighborhood yesterday morning around 3:30 & the bear ran in front of his car by Highland Ave & Crystal Ln Lp. The bear tried to run up one of the trees alongside the street then ended up jumping over the fence into a backyard. Crazy!
     FB Comment 10/9/15: It's wild kingdom!
     FB Comment 10/9/15: I see you have the stealth cam. Is there a certain model you have? Where did you purchase? Easy to install and monitor?
     FB Comment 10/9/15: Amazon, I see Cabella's has some. Just plug it into a usb port. It looks like a thumb drive. It takes a lot of batteries so get good ones. Mine lasted 6 months.
Posts:  Nextdoor Crystal Ridge & Highlands Post 10/11/15: 

     Just wanted to make this distribution aware that there is still at least one bear around. This past week it was caught on film on Crystal Lane Loop Tuesday night, and then Thursday 3:30 AM someone saw it when driving near Highland Ave and Crystal Lane Loop - apparently it tried to climb a tree and then went over a fence into someone's backyard. Another person reported their bird feeders getting trashed. Not trying to alarm folks or anything, but it's good to be aware of it.



5/5/15 - Bear Trapped & Relocated


     Good news - Please stay alert to watch out for other wildlife in Crystal Ridge


      from post on CRHOA Facebook   -!/groups/315283221901788/

     From the Puyallup City Manager's office:
   "The Department of Fish and Wildlife’s efforts in your area resulted in successfully trapping and relocating a 2-year old male bear. He was released in Mason County, where he will hopefully remain a safe distance from any urban neighbors."    



4/14/15 - Bear Sighting


        from post on CRHOA Facebook   -!/groups/315283221901788/  

      We have a bear wandering our neighborhood. He hit garbage cans the last 2 nights. Crystal Lane Loop SE.  WDFW [Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife] advises to keep garbage cans inside and do not feed pets outside.



     B)  Additional Info

        - Wildlife sightings in Crystal Ridge have occurred before.

        - Take precautions to protect your family.

        - See other alerts below:

               a.  Raccoon Danger (no date - at bottom of page)

               b.  7/18/14 - Coyotes & Other Wildlife

               c.  7/12/14 - Rats



12/19/14 - Home breakins

   Always need to be alert to prevent home burglary, car break ins and stolen packages from your porch.
   Be observant of any suspicious activity for your self and your neighbors and report it to the police, if needed.  More info on our web site,
   Below are emails received about these breakins.


=== Email from 1st CR Resident on 12/19/14, 9:54 pm ============
   I am not sure who I notify about a burglary attempt at our house today.  Someone broke in through a basement window and got into the house but set off the alarm and ran out the front door.  It happened around 12 this afternoon.  Police were notified.


=== Email from 2nd CR Resident on 12/20/14, 2:26 pm ============


     When my house was broke into in late October, the police caught the suspects, however they have yet to appear for the hearing.  An arrest warrant has been placed on them.  My thought is since they have skipped arrest so far, they suspects could be back in the area.


=== Email from 3rd CR Resident, 12/20/14, 3:40 pm =======================
    We also were burglarized at 12:27 that same day (12/19/14). We notified the police and have a police report. The man circumvented our alarm system and gained access to our basement by cutting through the siding under our deck. We believe he left in a hurry when he set off our alarm. We captured him on video, see attached ppt slide (Note:  video & ppt are not posted on this web site). The police recovered 95% of the items he took and returned them to us. Officer Cruz stated that this man also broke into the Christmas farm across Shaw.

       Followup email from same resident, 12/20/14, 8:46 pm


     Yeah. Even officer Cruz thought he was the guy (Note:  guy video is not included on this web site). The guy in the pics paced back and forth at the substation across the street looking at our house for several minutes. Then he walked across our front yard into the back yard; came back to the front yard to the other side of the house and then disappeared, we suspect that he noticed our cameras and avoided them. The officer noted that the guy jumped off our upper wall into the neighbors yard on CRD. It never fails, I am home all day every day except for this week. I have signs, cameras, and pay attention to what goes on, and still I get my house broken into. It can happen to anyone.



9/25/14 - Garage & Car breakin


FYI - Email received from a CR resident:


Hi...I live at xxx 15th ave se.  My garage was broke into last night with things stolen from car and garage.  



9/25/14 - Car breakin


FYI - Email received from a CR resident:


Just thought I would let you know that my vehicle was broke into sometime late last night or early am today at xxxx Crystal Ridge Dr SE.  I notified Police.  




9/07/14 - Car break-ins & Delivered package broken into


FYI - Email received from a CR resident:


    We have had several car prowlers and breakins in the last week or so in the 1500 block on 34th St. S.E. in Crystal Ridge.  


    One neighbor had a delivered package broken into on her front porch.  One neighbor witnessed a man looking into cars around 3:30 a.m. a few days ago.    Police have been notified.


     Thought I would let you know.   



8/28/14 - Car break-ins


FYI - Email received from a CR resident:


    I live on  39th Street in Crystal Ridge and wanted to report incidents of someone going through our cars in the middle of the night. We have left messages for the Puyallup Police Department and are waiting on a return call. We plan on adding motion lighting around our house and following up with PPD and requesting them to drive through the neighborhood at night more often to deter this activity.



8/14/14 - Mailbox damage


FYI - Email received from a CR resident:


    This afternoon (around 1:15 pm) on my walk, I noticed one of the community mailboxes on Crystal Ridge Drive had both doors wide open. I crossed the street to get a better look and the left door was all bent and the doors would not shut properly.  I closed the doors the best I could, but it looks like it was broken into.  




7/29/14 & 8/04/14- Doorbell Ringing
Also see below for:  7/8/14 - A Solicitor License is required for Door-to-Door Sales


FYI - Email received from a CR resident:


    I just caught a group of three high school aged kids in a teal colored early 2000s Ford mustang running up, ringing doorbells, and running away. I have no idea what their intent was, but when I went outside after watching them run from my property and my neighbors property and they saw me, they sped off quickly. With the recent break-ins and one of the break-ins sounding like it was a young male adult I wanted to make sure people knew that their houses were being trespassed on and the activities that were taking place. 


      ==== 8/04/14 - Email from a CR Resident ================  

     A man was in the neighborhood ringing a doorbell of a neighbor who was not at home. I asked if I could help him and he stated that he was offering a service to paint street numbers on the curb. When I asked if he had a permit from the city to solicit he said he did, and wanted to know if I was interested in his service. I told him that I might be if he could show me his permit for solicitation. He then rushed to his truck and drove away.


7/24/14 - 2nd Home Break In Attempt & Reported to Police


FYI - Received the additional email below about a 2nd break in attempt that was reported to the police.  

See 1st alert below "07/24/14 - Home Break In".

    Note about Alarms:  The Puyallup Municipal Code Chapter 9.01 "Alarm Systems" addresses requirements for alarms including installation, monitoring, false alarms and fines:      The suggestion by the police officer below for adding an loud external alarms with strobe-light must meet City code and be installed and managed properly to avoid false alarms, nuisance alarms and alarms that sound continuously.   


     Home Security Ideas:  For ideas to protect your home and add security features, see pages 18-27 of "Crime Prevention for Everyone":  This document has a lot of good information for you.  For more brochures and flyers for crime prevention, visit our web site at  



      ==== 7/24/14 - Email from a CR Resident ================  



     We live in the 3800 block of Crystal Ridge Dr. SE, and also experienced an attempted break-in on the same date (early Wednesday, 7/23). 


     One of our daughters woke us at 1:30 a.m., saying she thought she heard some noises in our yard. I investigated and found nothing, but later after sunrise we discovered a screen on a front window had been removed, and it was found under the deck stairs on the opposite side of our house. The intruder had evidently tried to gain entry the slightly open (but barred / secured) window.  


     We filed a report with the Puyallup police about the incident, and visited at length with an officer in person. He recommended as the #1 deterrent the addition of a LOUD external (outside) alarm with strobe-light to the home's alarm system (if present). Not only does this help frighten the intruder but will assist police in locating the home at night. Sure, near-by neighbors will be awakened, but it alerts them to the prowler also. The officer says the outside alarm/strobe is exactly what he's added to his own home's system. 


     ==== 7/24/14 - Email reply to above email from a CR Resident ================


      I live on the 3700 block of Crystal Ridge Dr SE, and yesterday morning I noticed my screen door was half-way open and I know for certain it was closed when I went to bed.  No sign of damage, and I have a wooden rod in the slider to keep it from opening, so I didn't report it even though I knew someone had tried to open it.  Thanks for sending this out.

     ==== 7/24/14 - Email reply to above email from a Rodesco Resident ============


    Hello - My wife and I are residents of Rodesco, with only a house between us and the C/R boundary. Additionally, her parents are residents of C/R in the Estates on Crystal Ln. Loop. In an effort to become more involved and aware of the community around us, I would like to receive E-mails put out by the CRHOA.

    We live at xxxx 40th Street SE. Whenever an issue pops up that may affect us, Dad (xxxxx xxxxx) is good about letting us know, but I’m sure there are many other things of interest that I’m missing. Conversely, there may be issues or items of interest that I may be able to share, such as a bear sighting two weeks ago in our neighborhood.
     Please consider adding me to the distribution list. The recent break in attempts have me very curious.



7/24/14 - Home Break In


FYI - Below is an email from a CR resident about a home break and an excerpt from a Board reply.    

        ==== Excerpt from Board reply =============  


Thank you for letting us know about this.  I am aware of another break in in Rodesco. The police were notified and performed an investigations.

IF you did not call the police and file a report, please do so.  

This will help then allocate resources to our neighborhood in the future.

Also, please join your neighbors at our National Night Out event on August 5th at 6:00 pm to learn more about crime prevention and Neighborhood Watch programs.

Details are on our website at
     ==== Break In Email  ==================


  Note: Email edited areas to remove private information are shown in red.

Subject: CRHOA Board 3602 - Break In

Good evening,
   We live at xxxx 19th Ave SE and just wanted to make the HOA aware that we had an individual attempt to break in our basement window this morning (Wed, 7/23/14) around 3:40 am. He came halfway in through the window but was scared away by an adult guest who was asleep in the basement awaken by the dog barking at the intruder. Our guest chased the individual to the front of the house where he jumped on a bike that was under the neighbors tree and rode away. He was carrying a satchel/backpack.

Just making you aware. 




7/12/14 - Controlling Rats A Community Effort


Received an email from a CR resident about living with rats.  Passing on to you FYI


   "There is a Rat problem in Crystal Ridge, both Norway and Tree Rats.  


   "People may be aware and not saying anything, but everyone should know it is a community problem.  I have no pets or outside food sources but they found an easy entry into my home from a torn vent screen under my deck where a communication technician ran a cable under my house 2 years ago. I could not see the torn vent.  I was not aware of the problem until a rat died in my insulation and stunk so bad.  Again there was no food source, no trees or shrubs close to my house so they were foraging and eating elsewhere but found a convenient warm place under my house to breed and live.


    "I am going to considerable expense to get my crawl space redone and exclusion process.  I have attached 2 PDF documents (Controlling the Rat - A Community Effort and Living with Wildlife - Old World Rats)that have good information that hopefully will help folks join the effort and eradicate the Rats before they invade their homes.    Here is the link to the Washington State Site on how to deal with rats: "



7/8/14 & 8/4/14 - A Solicitor License is required for Door-to-Door Sales
Also see above:  7/29/14 & 8/04/14- Doorbell Ringing


Received this note from a resident.  Passing on to you for your information:
"   The city of Puyallup requires a solicitors license for door knockers.
We seem to get a lot. A good way to shut them down is to ask if they have one.
If they do not, they are subject to fines and you can call the police."
  Solicitor License -- The solicitors license is for the individual who wishes to go door-to-door, residentially or commercially, and sell items to consumers.  All applicants must pass a Police Department background check before being able to solicit within the City limits. This process may take up to 10 working days for approval.  All solicitor and mobile vendor licenses expire on December 31st of each year.  The applicant may re-apply for a new license after January 1st.
  For links to the license application and regulation (Puyallup Municipal Code 5.64), see the City of Puyallup web page, "Solicitor's License and Mobile Food Vendor License": 
  Sections of the regulation are listed below.  All sections are important...note sections marked in red.


5.64.010    Definitions.

5.64.020    Solicitor’s license – Required.

5.64.030    Certificate – Organizational.

5.64.040    License fee.

5.64.050    Solicitor’s license – Application.

5.64.060    Investigation of applicants.

5.64.070    Issuance of license – Expiration date.

5.64.080    Denial, revocation or suspension of license.

5.64.090    Suspension or revocation procedure – Appeal.

5.64.100    Carrying of license required.

5.64.110    Prohibited practices.

5.64.120    Notice regulating soliciting.

5.64.130    Uninvited solicitors – Prohibited – Violation a nuisance.

5.64.140    Uninvited solicitors – Departure from premises required.

5.64.150    Time restrictions.

5.64.160    Exemptions – License fee.

5.64.165    “No Soliciting” signs.

5.64.170    Violation – Penalty.


      ==== 8/04/14 - Email from a CR Resident ================  

     A man was in the neighborhood ringing a doorbell of a neighbor who was not at home. I asked if I could help him and he stated that he was offering a service to paint street numbers on the curb. When I asked if he had a permit from the city to solicit he said he did, and wanted to know if I was interested in his service. I told him that I might be if he could show me his permit for solicitation. He then rushed to his truck and drove away.




7/8/14 - Coyotes (& other wildlife) in our neighborhood


Received this note from a resident.  Passing on to you for your information

34th and Amber Blvd, across from the park. Keep an eye out for your small pets if you put them outside in the morning. We've had a very good size coyote visiting us in the mornings (5 am) a few times now over the last week and a half. He manages to jump over our 4 ft fence with ease. He could easily handle our 30lb dogs if they were out. I know it is illegal to kill coyotes within the city limits so I just plan on "training" him to leave us all alone. wink


  Note:  Past reports of wildlife in our neighborhood (and nearby neighborhoods), though rare, have included coyotes, foxes, cougars, bears, deer, raccoons, possums, rats and snakes. We cannot prevent any wildlife from entering our neighborhood or your property.  The best defense is to be alert, do not feed any wild animals, do not leave any food sources outside (i.e. outdoor garbage, pet food, bird feed, water, etc) and most important, do not try to engage the animal control if needed: 
According to the City of Puyallup, "do not handle or feed any wild life".  You can contact Washington Dept of Fish & Wildlife at 1-877-933-9847.
---- If you have any wild life problem, each homeowner is responsible for your arrangements and costs. CRHOA does not endorse any particular operators.


2/22/14 **** Suspicious Vehicle

    Alert - A CR resident noticed a suspicious vehicle in the neighborhood:
     There was a tan 4 door sedan, Chrysler make I think hanging out at the corner of Crystal lane loop and Crystal Ridge drive. A person who doesn't look like he belongs in our neighborhood was walking around and then got into the passenger side when I came into their line of sight     The License plate was something like "0**-**K". I may have some of the license wrong since I was at least 30 feet away. I'm raising the alarm because last year when we had some break ins in our neighborhood, I saw a tan sedan like this one just day before. It may be nothing, but we should probably advise the neighborhood to be more alert the next few days.

If you note suspicious activity that concerns you, report it to the Puyallup police at 253-841-5415. 



The city has decided to combine the public hearing with the city council meeting on 1/22/13 @ 6:30 PM.

 Break In  (9/16/12) - Alert - Neighbors on Crystal Lane Loop SE startled a burglar in their house at about 2 pm this afternoon (Sunday, 9/16/12) when they came home. The burglar was in their master bedroom. He jumped out the bedroom window, jumped their neighbors fence and fled in a dark blue or black 4 door sedan. The driver was white, the other was not seen. Nothing was stolen. Police were called to report the burglary.

DNS Malware  (7/7/12) - You may have seen news reports about DNS Changer malware that could cause you computer problems on Monday, 7/9/12. If case you haven't, we are sending this information for you. Please check your computers for this DNS malware before midnight on Sunday (7/8/12). The FBI has procedures to check your computer with "Is Your Computer Infected with DNS Changer Malware" at

Alert - Breakins (6/06/12)
 [ 6/8/12 Update - Since the initial alert was sent, the Board has received additional emails concerning breakins.  This problem is not new or unique to Crystal Ridge.  This info is sent  FYI and for your consideration.] 
    This is to alert the neighborhood of a recent home robbery.  If you have any information, please contact the Board:
If you encounter or see these people, please contact the police immediately.
We do not recommend taking action on your own.
    Robbery occurred on 19th Ave SE in Crystal Ridge early Monday (6/4/12) morning, around 2 am. They broke in while we were home asleep throughthe husband’s office window!  We want to alert everyone, and need help – determined, so far, this was an older 4 door very dirty gold colored car, most likely either a Honda or Toyota, with a lot of stuff in the car, 2 people, one male sandy blond hair mid 20’s and a girl blond hair early 20’s.
A few neighbors have reported noticing this car around the neighborhood this past weekend, any pictures, video, information you might have is greatly appreciated. They also took our garage door opener out of one the cars in our driveway, leads to believe they will be back around the neighborhood. They were reported to have went into another neighbors yard, same night but didn’t take anything, opened gates, and sheds. They stole wallets, checkbooks, itouch, small items, and were in and out quickly.
 Lock up your windows, and doors. Please if you have any information to help we really need to bust these guys, so they don’t come around again, thanks! 

Water Pressure Problems - Pressure Reducing Valve Failure
[Hint: The pressure reducing valve is usually located near the main water shutoff valve. A common location for both valves is in the vicinity of the water heater. If not found, recommend you contact a plumber.]
6/14/12 - Email received by the Board from a different resident
    I just had my plumber check my water pressure valve. It was twice what it should be. And probably would have failed this summer.
06/08/12 - A concerned neighbor sent the note below concerning water pressure in their home.  We are passing this on to you FYI and your consideration. Please use this info as you see fit for your own situation.
    We live on 19th Ave SE in Crystal Ridge.  For the past several months, we've been experiencing water problems - toilets running at odd intervals, bathtub faucet leaking, and our water heater spewing black water.  After speaking with several neighbors, we discovered that we are all experiencing similar problems.  The neighbors to our right have had multiple water problems including dishwasher issues.  The neighbors to our left have experienced broken pipes and a failed water heater.  The neighbors across the street have toilet problems and another neighbor just had a flood in their home!

    We purchased a water pressure test gauge for less than $10 at Lowe's and tested our water pressure as well as two of our neighbors'.  Another neighbor called a plumber.  In all four of our homes, it was discovered that our pressure reducing valve had failed or was in the process of failing.

    A pressure reducing valve takes the street pressure of 180 - 200 psi down to less than 75 psi.  The pipes in most of our homes here in Crystal Ridge are CPVC and not copper, so they cannot handle pressure greater than 180 psi.  Most appliances (dishwashers, washing machines, etc.) cannot handle pressure higher than 80 psi without beginning to fail.  The water pressure tester showed that our house's water pressure was peaking up to 190 psi, our neighbors' pressures were at 120 psi, 105 psi, and 100 psi when they were tested.  Two of us have since had our pressure reducing valves replaced and are no longer experiencing any problems.

    I called the Puyallup Water District two days ago.  They said that they test their pressure reducing stations every two months and have seen no problems.  They told me that if all our homes were built around the same time, it is likely that the pressure reducing valves are all beginning to fail.  They recommended that I contact our Home Owners Association so that all home owners can be informed that they should test their pressure reducing valves if they are experiencing water issues in their homes.
6/14/12 - Email received by the Board from a different resident - "I just had my plumber check my water pressure valve. It was twice what what it should be. And probably would have failed this summer."

Racoon Danger    Flyer
A Message from the Crystal Ridge Homeowners Association
We have had several raccoon sightings in our Crystal Ridge neighborhood over the past few months, and interaction with raccoons can be potentially dangerous to you, your children, and small pets.   Please, do not leave out any food sources. Eliminate outdoor garbage, pet food, bird feed, and
Please, do NOT feed any raccoons!
Racoon scat (feces) often contains a parasite that transmits the potentially fatal disease of baylisascaris procyonis, which can lead to brain damage, deafness, blindness, or severe disability  --see the following link
--also see the following link to recognize tracks/scat in your own backyard
(you may need to cut and paste the above website addresses into your browser to view)
Help to keep all of our families safe

---- According to the City of Puyallup, "they do not handle racoons".  You can contact Washington Dept of Fish & Wildlife 1-877-933-9847.
For more information about racoons:
To locate "Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators":
Washington Wildlife Control Operators Listing
---- If you have a racoon problem (or any other wildlife problem), each homeowner is responsible for your arrangements and costs. CRHOA does not endorse any particular operators.   




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