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Updated: 2/24/14 

McGruff Neighborhood Watch
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Block Watch
Block Watch Block Watch Program - This is a pro-active program to help improve neighborhood safety by organizing residents in a common effort to be on the look out for potential and actual crimes and properly report them to the police.
Volunteers - Block Watch is most effective when residents in the neighborhood volunteer, become involved and actively participate in the program. 

Captain Team

Volunteer to be a Block Watch Captain !!!

Help organize your neighbors into a
Block Watch Team.


Your leadership is key!

Join the Block Watch Team !!!
Support your BW Captain to help keep
your neighbors and Crystal Ridge safe.

Your participation is very important!

Steps for Captain
1)  Review - Review this web site. 
2)  Volunteer - Contact our CR Block Watch Coordinators at to volunteer to be a Captain and to ask questions.
3)  Contact - Contact approximately 8-10 neighbors near your home.

4)  Encourage - Ask your neighbors to review this web site and join the BW team.

5)  Invite -  Invite them to attend a short meeting in your/their driveway, yard or home to become acquainted and organize the team.
6)  Telephone Tree - Fill out the Telephone Tree form for your team.

7)  Copies of Telephone Tree - When complete, give a copy of the Telephone Tree to your team members for their reference.


Steps for Team:


1)  Review - Study this web site. 

2)  No Captain yet? - Volunteer to be a Captain or contact your neighbors to have a meeting to pick a Block Watch Captain.

3)  Support - Support your Captain.

4)  Encourage - Contact your neighbors to join the team.
5)  Telephone Tree - Help to complete the Telephone Tree form.

6)  Keep Telephone Tree - Post the Telephone Tree in a convenient location in your home.






- Do not collect the Operation ID forms from your neighbors. 

 - These forms are for each member to keep in a secure location for their use only.



8)  Operation ID - Complete your own Operation ID form and store in a safe place.


9)  Operation ID is 60% Complete, Notify - Contact our CR coordinators at when 60% of your neighbors verbally confirm they have completed their Operation ID forms.



7Operation ID - Complete your own Operation ID forms and store in a safe place.

Telephone Tree

Telephone Tree
Open, view & print
Use this form to organize your neighbors into a Block Watch Team.
Operation ID

Open, view & print

IMPORTANT:  Do not collect the Operation ID forms from your neighbors.  These forms are for them to keep in a secure location for their use only.



Operation ID, Valuable Property Record


- Engraved ID on high value items should be your Washington state driver's' license number and expiration date.
- All engraved items should be photographed and receipts for those items filed for easy access.

Signs for "Neighborhood Watch Community"
Block Watch Sign
Example sign. Actual sign installed to
be per Puyallup Police Department.

Neighborhood Watch Signs - Once we obtain a 60% verbal commitment from residents in the neighborhood that your "Operation ID, Valuable Property Record" form has been completed, then the Puyallup Police department will install Neighborhood Block Watch signs at the entrances to Crystal Ridge.  


Home Decal for "Warning Operation ID"
Operation ID

Warning Operation IDAn Operation ID decal is available for residents wishing to display the decal in your front window.  Contact our coordinators at if you want these signs signs to display in your home.


Important Note


   1)  Residents do not submit any paperwork to the Board, the HOA, the Puyallup police department or anyone else.
   2)  The information on these forms is only collected and stored in a secure location by you.
   3)  This information could be a very valuable reference for you to use, if needed, when filing a police report and insurance claims.


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