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Updated: 09/05/2021 

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Protect Your Family & Assets


Family    Your safety depends on responding to an emergency, reporting crime, taking pro-active preventative measures and preparation for recovery. Family





    Emergency:  call 911


    Report a Suspicious Activity or Crime:  call  253-841-5415


     Additional Info:  check Police, City, County & State


   Pro-Active Preventative Measures     For Your Family & Kids



Home Security Tips, Crime Prevention and Home Safety


    To:  The Coordinator and kids of the Colorado After School Care Program.  Thank you very much for your kind words and the home safety link which has valuable information to help keep families safe.


   Copy of email:


From:  Veronica, Program Coodinator for After School Care Programs in Colorado
Sent: Tuesday, October 13, 2015 9:59:16 AM
Subject: CR Watch (150) - CRHOA Neighborhood Watch

   I just wanted to shoot you a quick email to thank you for putting together your safety page! As the program coordinator for our youth group in Colorado, I've been looking for public safety guides for kids - with Halloween approaching, we've been putting together some trick or treating safety information for both kids and parents. After starting this project, I decided to take it a step further and do general safety and crime prevention information. Thanks again for making your page!

  The kids have been doing some research on their own, and they passed along this page for me to review:

  I thought it was a great overview of home safety, with everything from baby proofing the home, to fire safety, water safety, and even computer related crime prevention. I included it in our guides, and thought you and your visitors might like it as well. Would you mind including it somewhere on your page - ?

  It would be much appreciated. Please let me know if you get a chance to update, as I'd like to show the group. Positive encouragement goes such a long way in kids!

Thanks again!
Veronica --



 6 Steps to help you be prepared:
Parents & Grandparents
Review these sites and share with your
children & grandchildren as you see fit. 


     Step 1:  Review this web site.


     Step 2:  Consider to volunteer for
  Block Watch Captain and Team


      Step 3:  Fill out the "Operation ID - Valuable Property Record".


     Step 4:  Request a "Decal for Operation ID" from the Puyallup police.


     Step 5:  Complete the "Home Security Checklist".


     Step 6:  Prevent Auto Thefts and Break-Ins.

                 Crime Prevention for Kids

     A great safety resource for kids
            Submitted by Susan & Mary on 6/17/14

   My daughter, Mary, is at the age where she's old enough to stay home alone now. Even though she's a great kid, I still get nervous! I did some research to prepare her for everything and we've been using the resources on this web page quite a bit - thanks!

   Mary did some research of her own and she came across this article about "Crime Prevention for Kids".
   When she showed it to me, I found it to be very useful and convenient. It really covers all the bases, including community safety, home safety, school safety, online safety and more. The best part is that it's geared towards kids so it makes it really easy to understand!

   We wanted to share it with you as a thank you and thought it would make a great addition to this page. Would you mind including it? I think other parents and kids will find it helpful. It's unfortunate that we have to be worried about our children even playing outside nowadays, but this information could really end up saving a life! Let me know if you get a chance to add it - I'd love to show Mary that her research can benefit others :)  Thanks again, Susan (and Mary)
McGruff McGruff the Crime Dog
Safety & Crime Prevention Products for Families & Kids

Parents can teach their children safety with McGruff Safety Kits.

   Take A Bite of Crime for Kids - Kid friendly site with Games, Videos, Advice & Downloads you can use to teach your children and grand children how to be safe.



   Preparation for Recovery



   Prepare yourself to recover from a crime or other loss caused by fire, flood, earthquake, winds, snow, ice and etc..  Your preparation can help in reporting a crime and filing insurance claims.


Operation ID

Open, view & print


- Engraved ID on high value items should be your Washington state driver's' license number and expiration date.
- All engraved items should be photographed and receipts for those items filed for easy access.

- Store in a secure location.

Decal for Operation ID
Operation ID
Visit the Operation ID home page.

Operation ID An Operation ID decal is available for residents wishing to display the decal in your front window.


- Contact the Puyallup Police Department Crime Prevention Coordinator, Lisa Isaacs, , 

Phone: 253-841-5531


Home Security Checklist
Home Security Checklist
Click here for the 2 page checklist
   - Exterior Doors
   - Garage and Sliding Door Security
   - Protecting Windows
   - Outdoor Security
   - Security When Away From Home
   - Outdoor Valuables & Personal Property
Auto Theft & Break-Ins
Auto Theft & Break Ins
Click here for 2 pages of car theft prevention tips

   on front:
        - Ten Ways to Reduce Auto Thefts & Break-Ins

    on back:
        - You Can Prevent Vehicle Prowls
        - Avoid Being A Victim


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