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  Proposed Warehouse
Updated:  1/13/18
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07/20/16 - Proposed Warehouse (see Emails Received below)



Of particular interest to those who live in the City of Puyallup is the proposed development of a 187-acre site for warehouses. The site is located just east of the Shaw Road extension bridge. The applicant's preliminary site plan shows over 3 million square feet of industrial (warehouse distribution and freight movement) space in seven separate warehouses.

      - At this time, the Board is not addressing this issue on behalf of the HOA


       - FYI.  Steps you can take if you decide to:


       a.  Review the letter from the City of Puyallup (Notice from City of Puyallup).  Send your comments and questions to Marcia Lucero at or call 253-798-2789.  


       b.  Below is an email received from a CRHOA resident.  Associated documents:

                    (i)  Letter of Concern by CRHOA Resident (redacted)

                   (ii)  Reply by Pierce County to CRHOA Resident (redacted)

                  (iii)  Traffic Impact Assessment

                  (iv)  Revised TIA Knutson Industrial


       c.  Visit Pierce Co web site for this issue:     


       d.  To receive email notifications of the status, go to, 

            -  Select "Login" in the top menu to set up an account.

            -  After account is set up, Login and then click on "Permit Search" in top menu.

            -  In Application/Permit # box, enter 840137.

            -  On Application/Permit Info web page,   click on "I want to...",  then "Add to eNotification",  then click on "Status".


       e.  Plan to attend a City of Puyallup PUBLIC HEARING  (date, time, location to be determined). 



=== EMAILS Received ===========================


 -  7/20/16 - Email received from a CR resident


I have contacted our city council on the Shaw road widening and on the Van Leitrop project. I am in the process of outlining an email to Pierce county transportation engineering. I see no one has mentioned the fact that these warehouse's will I'm sure be using the railroad spur that crosses Shaw. This will have a devastating effect on our ability to come and go. As will these warehouse's using 134th with the main line passing through there. Has anybody considered these roadblocks?



 -  7/19/16 - Email received from a CR resident


This week, in response to the City of Puyallup’s notice of the proposed warehouse mega-complex development coming to our area (Knutson Farms, Inc land), I expressed my concerns to Pierce County regarding how this development will significantly impact our local traffic on Shaw Road, already an overcrowded arterial. In a reply to my email, Pierce County’s Development Engineer confirmed today that Pierce County has NO PLANS to expand traffic capacity on the roads adjacent to the proposed warehouse complex (187-acre mega-complex site). See attached reply.

Also enclosed is Pierce County’s comments to a Traffic Impact Assessment on the roads around the proposed mega-complex. In this report, Pierce County states that this development will add over 6,700 additional DAILY trips to 134th Avenue East (which, by proximity, will spill onto Pioneer Road and toward the Shaw Rd / Pioneer Intersection).

Please inform CR Homeowners that a PUBLIC HEARING will be held by the City of Puyallup on this issue (date, time, location to be determined) and urge attendance at this meeting since this development is forecasted to have a major impact on our surrounding roads and traffic flow.

Please refer to attached documentation & report.



07/16/16 - Proposed Warehouse Development - Letter mailed from The City of Puyallup - See letter for dates & comments mailing address and email address
       -  12/14/14  Original    -  06/21/16  Revised    -  07/14/16  Mailed to residents
       -  07/18/16  Comment deadline  or  anytime prior to project permit