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Updated:  11/26/2020
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2/13/2018 - Puyallup City Council Meeting


   Discussion on Homeless Moratorium

    Watch video:

1)  Go to

2)  Under Available Archives, City Council Meetings, City Council Meeting Regular Meeting, Feb 13, 2018,

Click on "Video"

3)  Then scroll down agenda and click on:

4.a) Public hearing and adoption of an ordinance renewing a moratorium relative to homeless drop-in centers and emergency shelters.



    3/16/16 - Follow-Up Meeting:  Neighborhood Watch Committee & Block Watch

   Follow-up meeting:  Scheduled for Wed, March 16th, 7-9 pm, at the Puyallup Library in the North Room. (see Scheduled below)


    Purpose:  To help the Neighborhood Watch Committee & Block Watch get organized, select a chairperson and get started.


    Attendees:  Volunteers who signed up (see below) and anyone else who is interested in attending and volunteering to help.



   3/01/16 - Results of Mar 1, Neighborhood Watch Meeting - Agenda


    The NW meeting was held on Mar 1, 2006 and approximately 26 attended (15 residents, 5 Board members & 2 support, 4 Puyallup Police Department (PPD) reps & officers).


     Presentation - A presentation entitled "Making Our Community Safer" helped to explain the Block Watch program.

     Our PPD liaison rep, Lisa Issacs, discussed and answered many questions on crime, locking mailboxes and Block Watch.


     Then Puyallup Officer Jeff Bennett gave a presentation of the homeless issues impacting Crystal Ridge, Puyallup Highlands, Rodesco, Puyallup and Pierce County.  He answered several questions on this issue and how it is being handled.

   In the open discussion period, several topics were discussed:

         a.  Block Watch program

         b.  Locking mailboxes

         c.  Volunteers for the Block Watch program to be Captains or Members of a Block Watch.

         d.  Volunteers to work on the Neighborhood Watch Committee

         e.  And more

   As a result of the meeting:
         -    5 volunteers signed up to be on the Neighborhood Watch Committee

          -  11 volunteers signed up to be BW captains and/or members


      Meeting was adjourned at 8 pm


    2/27/16 - Results of our Feb 27th Neighborhood Cleanup

     Thank you to all the volunteers who showed up on a Saturday to help cleanup the neighborhood.

     We had a very long but very successful work day.   We had about 14 neighbors at the peak and ended the day around 2:30 with 10 plus volunteers and a JAC landscaping crew of 2.  
    Recognition of volunteers who helped:

            Mark Crawford (Board President)
            Ann Crawford
            Fred Herber     (Board member, ACC member & Landscaping Manager)
            Tim Evans      (Board member & ACC member)
            Ron Perry       (ACC member)
            Mark Noll        (Web & Email Manager)
            Dale Meints
            Rochelle Atkins
            Al Sullivan
            Jim Rubert
            Debbie Patterson
            Ashleigh Love
                 - Nick (friend of Ashleigh)
                 - Archie (friend of Ashleigh)

     We did a lot of work on a distressed property, cleaned up the CRD entrance, 20th Street limb pick up, 34th Street pond, trees at 15th and Amber, and moss removal from approximately 30 mailbox standards.

     We did not get to Janelle or the pond on Crystal Lane Loop. 

     The neighborhood is looking better.  More neighborhood work is needed and some homeowners still need to do some work on their homes. 



    10/10/15 - Update on R&Rs


CRHOA - Rules and Regulations

Document Links:   R&R's    -     Q&A's

See web page Rules & Regulations for more background.


10/10/15 - Update - Approximately 61 residents attended the Board meeting on 10/6/15.  Based on the meeting and comments from residents, the Board is working to answer all questions, consider possible revisions to the R&Rs and set up a committee of volunteers to help with the R&Rs.    


    6/26/15 - 2015 Tree Maintenance


     As you look out your window at our beautiful weather, you probably see all of our trees and plants are highly stressed.  


    The HOA has paid for and placed "Gator" bag on all of the newly planted street trees and many of the trees that have been planted the last couple of years.


     Usually planted trees only need help on watering the first year and then Mother Nature can take care of the trees after that. This year the month of June has been extremely dry and warm with the next couple of months to be the same.


     Many of the street trees are showing stress and the HOA has placed "Gator " bags on the trees. It is your responsibility as a homeowner to keep the trees alive (please see 2015 Tree Maintenance).


     If a bag has not been placed on your tree and it is showing stress please contact the Board,, and one will be delivered to you to keep filled.


    Thank you for your cooperation to help keep the neighborhood looking good.



      Landscape Manager / Board member



Domestic Animals in the Neighborhood
 - Posted 5/28/15
      If you see any domesic animals running loose, barking or being a nuisance, please contact Metro Animal Services at 253-299-7387 (PETS) or 
 You can also contact the Board:

CRHOA Neighborhood Work Party
 (3/21/15) - Posted 3/24/15


Crystal Ridge Neighborhood Work Party


   We successfully completed our work in spite of the rain.
Thank you to all the volunteers who helped on Saturday
  Mark Crawford
  Tim Evans
  Fred Herber

  Lee Morris
  Mike Wyers
   Ann Crawford
   Kyle Crawford
   Casey Hanson
   Ruth Hanson
   Spencer Hanson
   Dale Meints
   Jim Mirous
   Mark Noll
   Jim Rubert
   Al Sullivan
   Tim Vreugdenhil
To clear trees and brush that have died and could be at risk of falling onto sidewalks or road ways.
Click on images for larger photo
Clearing trees on 34th
at the pond
Clearing trees on 15th
near Janelle Estates entrance 

Also cleared trees at
90 degree turn
at corner of Amber & 15th
(no photos)


Roofing Material in the Estates
 - Letter (dated March 28, 2014)
     This letter is to inform you of important decisions recently made by the Architectural Control Committee (the ”ACC”) of the Crystal Rider Homeowners’ Association that impact the types of roof material that may be installed on homes in The Estates.  Based on this decision, Mod Requests for installation of composition roofing in The Estates that meet the criteria in this letter can be submitted for review and consideration by the ACC. 

Painting & Mod Requests Reminder - Letter

     In April 2014, this letter was mailed to all homeowners and residents as a reminder of the CCR requirements to submit a Mod Request for approval before making any exterior modifications (including, but limited to, painting, siding, fences, structures, roofing, ect.)  All homeowners (including homeowners renting their property), renters and tenants are responsible for this requirement.  Painting or making modifications without approval could be expensive for you if it is not approved and not in accordance with our CCRs. 


     You can obtain a Mod Request forms here or you can contact the Board at for a form to be mailed or emailed to you.




2/24/14 (posted)


 Crystal Ridge Neighborhood Watch


       Home page:  Neighborhood Watch

         Send suggestions, comments & questions for NW to: 

         our Watch Coordinators:


    Welcome to our web site for Neighborhood Watch.      


     It is organized to provide community awareness to help us become proactive in working together to lower the risk of crime and to report suspicious activity.  Included are important information, documents and forms for you, your family and your neighbors to help you get started and involved.


      Please take some time to visit and review all the tools and information.  For example, Operation ID can be a vital tool to use to protect your personal property.


       We are establishing a Block Watch program.  With 300 homes in Crystal Ridge, we need about 30 Block Captains (10 homes per Block Captain) to organize the Block Watch Teams. 

   Please contact us with any questions or concerns:


     Thank you for your cooperation!

    ~Crystal Ridge Neighborhood Watch Coordinators


  2/24/14 (posted)
 Neighborhood Tree Cleanup


       Our cleanup was a success on Saturday, Feb 22nd.  Your support is very much appreciated. 


      Thank you for helping to keep Crystal Ridge beautiful.

    Board of Directors



Thank you to the volunteers who
helped to distribute the flyers
Mark Crawford Mark Noll
Eric Lynn Tim Evans
Ingrid Luker    Vance Butler 
Thank you to all the volunteers who
helped with the cleanup on Saturday
Mark Crawford Anne Crawford
Fred Herber Don Rich
Mark Noll Dale Meints
Tim Evans Monte Conder
Jim Rubert Sharon Conder
Jim Mirous Riley, Isaac & Zack Conder
Debbie Patterson Mike Wyers (JAC)
Bill Downs Lazaro Gaspar (JAC)
Tree Cleanup
More Photos
   Photos courtesy of Don Rich


Dec 2013 - Gene's Towing - Residents may have noticed that towing signs have been placed around our neighborhood.  Approximately 6 signs were placed in Crystal Ridge…1 at each entrance and 4 interspersed throughout the neighborhood on mailbox standards.  Gene’s Towing Company has been contracted by the Board and placed these signs so that they could legally tow cars at the Boards’ request.  The Board will not tow any cars or vehicles illegally parked until notice has been sent to homeowner and resident via email, mail or direct contact to allow you time to take care of the vehicle on your own.  This step was taken by the Board to enforce parking rules per the CCRs, Art IX, Section 1.  You can review the CCRs and ByLaws on this site.   



8/20/13 - Cheri, a resident of CR, posted this on our Facebook page:

There were several coyote sightings in fenced backyards last evening and early this morning on 39th (near dead-end on side next to Rodesco Neighborhood). Loud wailing cries could be heard. Dogs barked and growled. Homeowners put their outside lights on and yelled. However, they kept returning an hour or so later.

Just a reminder to feed your pets indoors, keep dogs and cats indoors, especially from dusk to dawn. Don’t give coyotes access to garbage. Keep your garbage cans in tight-fitting bins, a shed, or a garage. Prevent access to fruit and compost. Don’t leave small children unattended where coyotes are frequently seen or heard. Don't feed wild animals.

For more information, got to:




8/19/13 - Gator Bags - Please keep watering your new trees - Read the full letter (summary below)


    The CR HOA recently replaced trees in the mow strip in front of or adjacent to your home (if you own a corner lot).  These young trees require watering and it is your responsibility to water them.  Gator Bags will be installed at each new tree and, per the CCRs, it is your responsibility to keep this bag full of water until Nov 2013. If the tree dies due to your negligence, you will be financially responsible for its replacement..


    Please contact the Board  if you have any questions.



On 8/06/13 - National Night Out - Crystal Ridge Neighborhood Watch Program

     If any questions, please contact the Neighborhood Watch Coordinators at

We hope everyone will help in kicking off this program for our neighborhood.
To be effective, "we need to work together".  See email below for more info.
What can you do to help?
1)  Today & Monday, contact your neighbors about a short meeting on Tue, Aug 6th.
2)  On Tuesday August 6th, get out of your house and meet your neighbors!
3)  Meet in your driveway or cul-de-sac for about 10 or 15 minutes at 7 pm (or any time convenient time for you)
4)  This is your opportunity to get to know those neighbors who are within sight of your house. Maybe you have never had an opportunity to get to know them?  Maybe you have met them but you have not talked to them in a long time?
5)  Introduce yourself to everyone.
6)  Choose one or two block watch captains as coordinators for your group. 
7)  Create a contact list with names, address, phone number and email address.   This information is only for your group to allow you to stay in touch with each other and to have ready to report any suspicious activity or emergencies to 911, the police or ambulance service.
8)  Let them know that you are interested in working together to keep our neighborhood safe and that you will be there for them if they need help.  We are pretty sure they will be there for you too if you ask!
9)  On Wed, send an email to theNeighborhood Watch Coordinators at to let them know who the block watch captains are and how your event went on Tuesday. 
10)  The Neighborhood Watch committee will be sending more information soon on this program.   
   Good luck!  This program works great with your involvement,
   Neighborhood Watch Committee

Sent: Monday, July 29, 2013 7:05:16 AM
Subject: CR HOA News (#0102 - 07/29/13) -  National Night Out - Aug 6th

 National Night Out - Tuesday August 6th
     Who will keep watch over your family and home when you are not there? Who will you rely on in an emergency? Who will be there to help you if you are the victim of a crime? The police can't be there all the time, so we need to work together!
A group of your neighbors are in the early stages of starting a neighborhood Block Watch program- and we need your help! Don't worry- we won't ask for much. All we want is for you to get to know your neighbors! Block Watch is a proven, neighbors-helping-neighbors program.  Neighborhoods with an active Block Watch program have less crime.
National Night Out (NNO) is on Tuesday August 6th. The purpose of NNO is to promote involvement in crime prevention activities, police-community partnerships, neighborhood camaraderie and send a message to criminals letting them know that neighborhoods are organized and fighting back.
What can you do to help?
On Tuesday August 6th, get out of your house and meet your neighbors! This is your opportunity to get to know those neighbors who are within sight of your house. Maybe you have never had an opportunity to get to know them? Maybe you have met them but you have not talked to them in a long time? Introduce yourself. Give them your name and phone number. Let them know that you are interested in working together to keep our neighborhood safe and that you will be there for them if they need help. I am pretty sure they will be there for you if you ask!
Soon you will get more information about how to support Crystal Ridge HOA Block Watch. We are working with Puyallup Police Department to put together information and programs to improve safety in our neighborhood. We appreciate your help and look forward to working with all of you to protect our neighborhood!
Here are some helpful links:
Puyallup Police Department Crime Prevention:
Crime Prevention for Everyone booklet:

NATW and NNO information:


On 6/18/13 - Puyallup City Council Approved Halfway House Ordinance


    June 18th (Tue), 6:30 pm, City Hall, Council Chambers, 5th Floor

    Puyallup City Council agenda included the 2nd reading of halfway house ordinance.

    Citizen comments were supportive of the Bill.

   The City Council approved the ordinance 7-0.  The ordinance will take effect 30 days after passage as provided by law, and the moratorium will remain in effect until the effective date.


   Halfway House info

        - See more information and scroll to bottom of the page and click on the Ordinance link.

       - Ref: Puyallup Zoning Map (March 8, 2013) - City zones addressed in Ordinance


    The News Tribune (6/19/13) - Puyallup sets rule for offender homes  


   Watch "Puyallup Council Meetings"

      - On Channel 22 (PCTV) - Thu at 8 am, Fri at 2 am and Sun at 8 pm

       - On Puyallup on Demand - Archived meeting videos with agenda materials






6/14/13 - Puyallup & Pierce County Fireworks  

  We hope everyone has a safe 4th of July this year.


   Fireworks was on the agenda for the Puyallup Police Department’s Crime Control Roundtable on 6/13/13, 8-10 am. 
  The Puyallup Police Department will be partnering with Pierce Fire and Rescue and will be doing firework emphasis patrols on both July 3rd and 4th. 


   Firework codes and restrictions:
   - Puyallup Municipal Code for Fireworks

    - Pierce County Fireworks Code

    - Fireworks in Pierce County - Legal and Illegal

    - Fireworks Restrictions and Bans



5/17/13 - Gator Bags - Watering for new trees


URGENT NOTICE:  Tree Maintenance
The Crystal Ridge Homeowners Association recently replaced trees in the mow strip in front of or adjacent to your home (if you own a corner lot).  These young trees require more care than the more mature trees in the neighborhood.  We are writing to you to instruct you how to provide this extra care.
These trees are not your property but are the property of the CRHOA.  However, pursuant to the Covenants, Codes and Restrictions (“CC&R’s) each property owner is responsible for the care and maintenance of the trees in the mow strip.
In most cases trees die or become diseased due to lack of water and routine care.  The CC&R’s require that each homeowner maintain the mow strip in a green and park like condition.  This requires frequent irrigation in the spring and summer months and is necessary for the health of the trees and lawn in the mow strip.  The new tree requires frequent watering or it will die.  You are responsible for watering the trees in the mow strip around your home.
If the new tree(s) dies resulting from your negligence and/or violation of the CC&R requirements relative to care of the mow strips, you will be financially responsible for its replacement.
A “Gator Bag” will be installed at each new tree.  These bags hold about 15 gallons of water.  The bag will allow the water to slowly seep out and irrigate the tree.   It is your responsibility to keep this bag full of water until Nov 2013.  The requires at least weekly monitoring and filling the bag as necessary. 
Please contact the CRHOA at the email or mailing address below if you have any questions.
Mark Crawford
CRHOA President



Highlights for March 7, 2013:

SB5105 (3/1/13) passed the Senate 49-0 today through some amazing efforts by Senators Bruce Dammeier, Mike Carrell, Jeanie Darneielle and Nick Harper! Some of the key points of this bill (as obtained from Puyallup's Deputy Attorney Steve Kirkelie) are:
•It provides additional... guidelines and restrictions on when Department of Corrections (DOC) can issue the rental vouchers rather than continuing to give DOC unfettered control over issuance of vouchers.
•It requires that when DOC is selecting housing providers who will receive vouchers, DOC shall consider the compatibility of the location of where a sex offender will live with the surrounding neighborhood and underlying zoning.
•DOC shall limit the concentration of housing providers for sex offenders in individual neighborhoods.
•When a housing provider desires to provide sex offender housing in the City, DOC must notify the Police Chief of such housing.
•The City will have the right to inspect the sex offender housing to ensure compliance with fire and building codes.
•If a housing provider attempts to locate sex offender housing in the City and such location does not comply with the City’s zoning or development code, the City can request that DOC no longer provider vouchers to the housing provider.
I encourage everyone to write to our legislative representatives regardless of what city they live in. This is not a Puyallup issue, this is a STATE ISSUE. I also encourage people to forward these links to their email contacts. For people outside of the 25th District, they can look up email addresses and their representatives at .

Below are links to a form letter that can be sent to our House of Representatives.
If people live in Puyallup, click on the second link with PUYALLUP in the link. Representative Dawn Morrell's email address is and Representative Hans Zeiger's email address is .



aProposed Halfway House  (Updated 8/27/12) - A halfway house has proposed near the corner of 23rd and Shaw Road to house up to 20 felons and sex offenders.  Residents in the surrounding area have protested this house and have contacted the Puyallup City Council to prevent this from happening.

b) Landscape Contractor  (Updated 8/23/12) - JAC Landscaping was hired as our new landscaping contractor and started work in the neighborhood on Aug 23rd.  The Board spent considerable time evaluating all proposals submtted. JAC has the ability to meet the challange to bring the appearance of our neighborhood landscaping back to what it should be and required to be. Their proposal, interview, business structure, planned approach, referrals and experience convinced the Board of their capability. Fred Herber (Board Member & CRHOA Landscape Manager) was instrumental in helping the Board to work through this transition.  Thank you for your patience as we made this "much needed" change.

c) Traffic Calming - (Updated 8/27/12) - Information on traffic calming for our neighborhood.  Review the status on this effort.

d) Neighborhood Alerts - (Updated 7/07/12) - Periodic alerts sent out to the neighborhood email distribution list (see Home page for more info on the DL).

e) Locking Mail Boxes - (Updated 9/08/10) - Info on locking mailboxes to help prevent mail theft