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Updated: 09/05/2021 

McGruff Neighborhood Watch
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     Open & print the flyers below for more information about this program
Home Security Checklist Open, view & Print


- Exterior Doors
- Garage and Sliding Door Security
- Protecting Windows
- Outdoor Security
- Security When Away From Home
- Outdoor Valuables & Personal Property
Take A Bite Out of Crime Important Phone Numbers
View and Print Important Numbers
Connect with Puyallup Police DepartmentOpen, view & print
Auto Theft & Break Ins Open, view & print


on front:
- Ten Ways to Reduce Auto Thefts & Break-Ins

on back:
- You Can Prevent Vehicle Prowls
- Avoid Being A Victim
Take A Stand Against Crime
Open, view & print

- Why Neighborhood Watch?
- How Does A Neighborhood Watch Start?
- Who Can Be Involved?
- I Live In An Apartment Building. Can I Start A Neighborhood Watch?
- What Does A Neighborhood Watch Do?
- What Are the Major Components of a Watch Program?
Dial 9-1-1
Open, view & print

- When to Dial 9-1-1
- When Calling 9-1-1
- Non-emergency Situations
- Special 9-1-1 Tips for Seniors
- Important Phone Numbers
Get In Stride & Stay Safe
Open, view & print


- Before You Leave
- On the Road
- Stay Alert
- Running and Walking in the Evening or Early Morning
Take Crime Prevention to Work
Open, view & print


- Help Prevent Office Theft and other Crimes
-Take a Look at Common Trouble Spots
- What About Violence in the Workplace?

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